Van goes 930,599 miles on original engine and transmission (A true Amsoil testimoney!)
Fleet Maintenance Saves Almost $70,000 (See video!)
Skeptic turns into a believer after seeing engine with 475,000 miles on it looking clean inside.
Honda Civic with 195,000 miles gets Improved Gas Mileage
High mileage oil ! 340,000 miles on engine & tranny! MUST SEE!
Oil change in Toyota Tacoma keep it running like new.
Oil change in Ford Windstar, Powerstroke and Kawasaki - customer was a total skeptic.
Jeep Liberty owner is impressed with fuel economy and power increased!
2001 Jeep Cherokee - HUGE increase in fuel economy!
2001 Honda Civic and 2000 Mazda Protege
1987 Chevy Pickup Truck and 1996 Chevy Impala SS
City of Hondo Police Department, Hondo, Texas
Oil for Police Fleet
N.Y.C. Taxi Cab Extensive test w/ engine inspections
Rickey L. Morris
800 horsepower car using methanol uses Amsoil
Bonicelli Racing Racks up NASCAR Wins with AMSOIL
Edmonton Police Department using Amsoil in their drag car
Ohio State University Formula S.A.E. Car #25
Drag Racer, Rex Shobe, Praises AMSOIL
AMSOIL Lubricated Four Clylinder Sets World Record
Corvette Oil Change for Brad Neff in C66 Racing
Extreme Motorsports in Flint, Michigan
Ready-Mix Cement Truck saves money on fuel costs
Mack Truck gets better fuel economy and saves money on maintenance with Amsoil
Grain hauler with over the road truck saves money with Amsoil
Dodge Ram with Cummins Turbo-Diesel requires no oil change
Dodge Pick up truck fleet using Amsoil for 8 years
Dodge Dakota Amsoil customer tells about his experience
Interstate Battery System of Detroit, Inc.
Tractor Trailer going 409,000 miles on Amsoil diesel oil
Owner of the 409,000 mile vehicle - now at 630,000 miles.
Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours, Inc.
Clark 2X Racing - Eganville, Ontario, Canada
Police officer gets better gas mileage with his Honda Goldwing
15W40 Diesel Oil gets tested by a county government. See the results!
Gosselin Lawn and Landscape Maintenance
Lawn Care Business Converts to Amsoil
Eastwood Excavating of Traverse City, MI
Action Tree Service Inc. of Oakland County

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