AMSOIL Makes Prizm Durable

1992 Geo Prizm runs like new with way over 300,000 milesDirect Jobber Ted Pickul drives a 1992 Geo Prizm with unusually high miles. As of February 2005 the Prizm had over 362,000 miles on only 15 oil changes and 31 filter changes. Pickul credits AMSOIL products with extending the life of his car's engine.
Pickul bought the Prizm new in June of 1992 and after 3,000 miles, converted it to AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Pickul also installed an AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filter.
Pickul converted to AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid at 30,000 miles, and has changed it five times.
After owning the vehicle for one year, Pickul changed the engine coolant to AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant which he changes at two-year intervals. Pickul uses a 16 oz. bottle of PI Gasoline Additive every three or four months, and every 30,000 miles he treats the car to
AMSOIL Power Foam Carburetor and Engine Cleaner. At 200,000 miles, Pickul converted to AMSOIL 10W-40.
Everything still looks new in this valve cover even with all of the miles.Pickul has demonstrated complete faith in AMSOIL products to keep his car running smoothly.
"In November 2003 with 329,000 miles on the engine, I drove the car from Sarasota, Florida to Carbondale, Illinois without stopping," said Pickul. "The 13-hour trip was a true tribute to the AMSOILization of this vehicle."
The Prizm has a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine that has had no major problems. The valve cover was removed at 360,000 miles and it was exceptionally clean.

Specific oil and oil filters for the '92 Prizm. A quick list of parts is available there to make ordering easy right over the phone.

AMSOIL Improves Gas Mileage

Dealer Jackie Cecil's daughter was working on a project for an advanced U.S. history class on the similarities of the wars in Iraq and Vietnam. As the recipient of two purple hearts and a former squad leader in Vietnam, Cecil took an interest in the project and used the opportunity to show his daughter and her classmates there is a way to reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil.
Cecil conducted an experiment with his car to show the outstanding gas mileage that is attainable using AMSOIL products.
Increase gas mileage for this Honda Civic"I used my 11-year-old 1994 Honda Civic 5-speed with approximately 195,000 miles as the test vehicle," said Cecil. Cecil uses AMSOIL PI in the gas, AMSOIL 0W-30 Motor Oil and an AMSOIL 2-Stage Air Filter. The Honda also runs on Bosch plug wires and Bosch Platinum+4 tipped plugs.
Cecil drove 55 miles per hour from Valdosta, Georgia to Callahan, Florida and back. The weather was clear, but there was an 11 to 24 mph gusting wind on the trip back.
To prove that he did everything he said he did, Cecil hired CPA Susan Swader to document his actions. Swader noted the mileage, level of gas and type of tires on the car before Cecil left. She then sealed the gas tank with tape in a way that prevented it from being opened. Cecil vouched for the fact that he was in Callahan, Florida by bringing back a signed, dated receipt from a McDonald's in Callahan.
Upon his return, Swader followed Cecil to the gas station and watched him fill the tank, noting the difference in total miles and the amount of gas needed to refill the tank.
"I vouched that the tape placed over the gas cap had not been tampered with," said Swader.
Test results: 50.2 miles per gallon. Oil and filter information for 1994 Honda Civics.

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