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2000 Mazda Protege and 2001 Honda Civic using all Amsoil oil
Chris Meutsch displays his 2000 Mazda and his 2001 Honda Civic at his home in Cincinatti, Ohio. Both vehicles run AMSOIL lubes from bumper to bumper.

Consumers today look for value as well as good price - and they know cheaper doesn't mean better.

The Internet has given consumers a virtually unlimited gateway to sophisticated information from experts in nearly every field.

So, today's customers know what they want before they get to the traditional brick and mortar store, or online storefront. That's how Chris Meutsch, Cincinnati, Ohio, became familiar with AMSOIL lubes in January 2003. Meutsch, a salesman for Wine Cellar Innovations in Cincinnati, describes himself as a man with an "insatiable desire for finding the best motor oil possible."

He bought a copy of a motor oil resource book online. "It's the book that carries testing and data for many oils," he said. "AMSOIL tested best overall in every category. I decided to give it a try based on the Four-Ball Wear Test and the extended drain intervals."

He owns a 2000 Mazda Protege ES. It has a 1.8 L DOHC engine with about 41,000 miles on it and a five-speed manual transmission. Meutsch installed AMSOIL 5W-30 Motor Oil and 75W-90 Gear Oil.

"I instantly noticed easier shifting, especially getting out of gears," Meutsch said. "The clutch seemingly is effortless, and selecting a gear has gone from a bit of searching to seamless, fluid transfer. I love this stuff."

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His wife, Anya, drives a 2001 Honda Civic LX. That engine, a 1.7 L SOHC, has about 32,500 miles on it. Meutsch runs AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid and 5W-30 Motor Oil in the Honda.

"I have the fullest confidence in the products, and I know if anything ever goes wrong, AMSOIL will stand behind me," he said.

While this year brought him extra initial expenses installing AMSOIL products, Meutsch anticipates overall savings. He expects not only to increase his miles per gallon, but to put many miles on the engines of the two cars.

"Now that I have transmission fluid and gear oil installed, I'm set on those for 90,000 miles and lifetime, respectively. Therefore, I won't have to buy those again for a long time," he said. "Now my only expenses will be once a year for the oil and twice a year on filters. Bottom line, I won't be spending extra money on a transmission or new gearbox down the line, so I don't mind spending more up front to prevent failures."
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