Does AMSOIL really do what it says it does?

Change your oil every 15,000 to 25,000 miles?
WHAT? Are you nuts?
Every place I've read says to do it every 3,000 miles.
Amsoil problems?

Okay... hypothetically let's say Amsoil didn't deliver as promised. Let's also assume for one minute that it's crazy, a lie... false and deceptive advertising... whatever you want to call it.

Don't you think for a minute that Mobil, Royal Purple, Redline, Castrol, Shell Oil or Exxon wouldn't be all over Amsoil in a court of law sueing for FALSE ADVERTISING? All of them would love to see their competition go out of business. Wouldn't you, if you were an competing oil manufacturer?

If the back of the bottle of Amsoil 0W-30 says, "extended drain intervals for up to 25,000 miles or one-year" don't you really think that the oil should be GUARANTEED to last that long? And if not, wouldn't there be a class action law suit against Amsoil after thousands of people from all over the USA and Canada would complain about problems?

For certain, one could visit (Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection)
and type in: AMSOIL

You would see law suits from the FTC for false advertising and Amsoil would be fined some big hefty fines for making such claims.

Don't believe me? Visit the FTC's web site right now and search on these WELL-KNOWN companies:

Trusted, well-known companies
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(Wow... funny how there is not ONE single FTC charge for deceptive advertising for AMSOIL)

See... if you print a claim on the back of a bottle or package of a product, IT BETTER PERFORM AS DESCRIBED or the whole world will know you are a deceiving the public and law suits will clearly be found.

Remember, AMSOIL has been making synthetic oil since 1972 for automobiles, LONG BEFORE MOBIL, CASTROL, REDLINE, ROYAL PURPLE or any other major competing oil company, hence their trademark, "FIRST IN SYNTHETICS".

Pick up any bottle of any competing brand of oil and read the back. Notice that they don't make any claims that can't be verified. If Mobil was formulated that good where it could last up to 25,000 miles, don't you think for a minute that they would advertise that all over the place? Of course it doesn't last that long, so they can't make that kind of claim, otherwise Amsoil, some other motor oil competitor or consumers would be putting them in court for false, deceptive advertising.

More than likely you've been surfing the web and looking at all kinds of competing brands of oil for your car, motorcycle, RV, snowmobile or what have you. You've probably read all kinds of hype about different oils. One thing you'll notice different about Amsoil is that the TECHNICAL PROPERTIES are clearly and proudly listed so you can see how well the oil performs.

Don't you find it odd that when you're looking at a competitor's brand of oil, they don't seem too proud to post the performance properties of the oil? They are hoping that maybe by putting some fancy pictures or by spending millions of dollars on advertising so you hear their name over and over, you'll buy it just on being familiar with the name, not necessary for how well it performs.

You'll notice that Amsoil doesn't spend millions of dollars on advertising. Instead, all of the money is put into the quality of the oil.

When is the last time you saw Ferrari running huge campaigns to try to sell their cars? Yet you see full page advertisements for Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and tons of others manufacturers in magazines all the time.

Does that mean Toyota, Honda or Hyundai are inferior because they spend millions on advertising? Of course not. But on the flip side, that mean Ferrari is a peace of junk for not advertising? See my point?

Amsoil is sort of like Ferrari. People who know Ferrari's know it's one of the best performing sports cars in the world and it doesn't need to spend millions on advertising to get the point across. Amsoil works on a similar philosphy. When you see cars breaking world's records and snowmobiles winning races with AMSOIL logos on them, that's the best advertising money can buy.

Okay, if Amsoil is so great,
then why doesn't GM use it instead of Mobil 1 as a factory fill?

Okay, think about it... If you were GM, would it be in your BEST INTEREST to have the cars you sold lastings for hundreds of thousands of miles? We can't go out and say that Mobil is bad, but if you look at the comparisons and see the bigger wear scars that Mobil puts out vs. Amsoil, you can clearly see that over a long period of time, Mobil will wear out your engine quicker than Amsoil ever would. So it would be in GM's best interest (or any automobile manufacturer for that matter) to put a lesser quality oil in their vehicles and not recommend the best oil possible. Once you get the tall-tell signs of the "Clack clack clack" of the lifters making noise and other strange sounds coming from your engine due to the high mileage, that's usually the BIG RED FLAG that says, "Well, this engine is about ready to die... time to trade the car in on a new one before it totally blows and then I only get $300-500 for my car as a trade-in." And believe me, THIS IS EXACTLY what ALL OF THE AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS WANT. It's a little thing they call PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE.

And when you put Amsoil in your engine, transmission and/or rear-end differential, you are essentially CHEATING the manufacturers' planned obsolecense. This is why automobile manufacturers would prefer that you do NOT LEARN ABOUT AMSOIL. For every person who drives their car an extra 5 to 10 years, that could cost an automobile manufacturer maybe $20,000 to $40,000 per person!

So, once again, if you were an auto manufacturer and knew how good Amsoil performed, would you want people learning about it if you stood to lose $20,000 to $40,000 per person?

See... it's all about the big picture that most people never think about... but the bean counters at the automanufacturers certainly think about it! Believe me, they smile all the way to the bank everytime you hand out your hard earned dollars on a depreciating asset only to replace it in a short time period later.

And after seeing the law suits above, against all of the well-known oil companies, why would you NOT BE SKEPTICAL OF THEM instead of AMSOIL? People should be FLOCKING to put AMSOIL in their vehicles, an oil that's proven time and time again that it beats all of the competition, hands down.

When you're using a competing oil, not only are you putting an inferior oil in your car than AMSOIL, you are paying MORE MONEY TO DO SO since you have to change it more frequently. So why on earth would you pay MORE MONEY to have a LESSER PRODUCT? That clearly does not make sense at all. After reading and learning everything on this site, EVERYONE SHOULD BE USING AMSOIL.

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