Al Amatuzio, CEO of Amsoil
During Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio's 25 years as an award-winning jet fighter pilot, he gained a solid appreciation for the extraordinary lubricants that protected the engines of the jets he flew. He knew that only these lubricants, synthetic lubricants, could stand up to the demanding operating conditions of jet engines and the severe temperature extremes they encounter.
He knew also that the same outstanding performance benefits synthetic lubricants provide for jet engines would prove invaluable to car, truck and other internal combustion engines.

In the mid-1960s, Al Amatuzio began an intense period of research and development. He assembled the industry's most knowledgeable chemists and directed the formulation of the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements.

Colonel Al AmatuzioThe introduction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972 set all-new standards for motor oil quality. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts. It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine performance and engine life.

Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead with introductions of synthetic motor oils of their own. They spend millions of dollars advertising their "new" and "revolutionary" products. No one, however, can match AMSOIL experience and technological know-how. And no one delivers products like AMSOIL. Accept no substitutes -- AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics." ®
Amsoil's corporate headquartersThe AMSOIL corporate headquarters, located in Superior, Wisconsin, further demonstrates Amatuzio’s commitment to excellence. The AMSOIL building isa beautiful, historic building located on Superior’s Tower Avenue. Originally built in 1892 as part of the city’s Berkshire Block, the building is constructed in an elegant Romanesque architectural style with Kasota limestone from Southern Minnesota. Of the twelve similar buildings of the era still standing, the AMSOIL building is the only one in the area, and it stands out as the jewel of the city.

The AMSOIL corporate head-quarters feature state-of-the-art facilities, including a new business computer system and modern telecommunications devices. Staying on top of current technology reflects the AMSOIL commitment to producing the world’s finest lubrication products, fast and efficient order processing andexcellent customer service.


Amsoil's front doorThroughout its more than 100-year history, the AMSOIL building has had many occupants, the first being the State Bank of Wisconsin. Physicians, attorneys, and Superior’s first television station have also called the building home over the years. It became the AMSOIL building in 1978 and has been completely renovated.


AMSOIL labThe AMSOIL research lab has been redesigned to incorporate moreof the latest cutting edge technology and research equipment. Theoverall size of the facility was doubled, allowing more capacity for testing, formulating and research.


Amsoil storage tanksAMSOIL storage and holding tank facilities were renovated to include over one million gallons of oil storage capacity. The tanks feature large AMSOIL logos that can be seen from nearby overpasses and freeways.

One of AMSOIL's many distribution centersThe AMSOIL Superior Distribution Center encompasses over 110,000 square feet. Product is stored here in thousands of bottles, pails, barrels and totes. The buildings also include oil andother fluid production equipment, filling and packaging facilities, vehicle and equipment maintenance garages, and mechanical testing facilities.

AMSOIL technical servicesTechnical services is located at one end of the Superior Distribution Center. The newly remodeled facilities also include areas for manufacturing, industrial and technical sales personnel.

We don't rely on hype or fancy marketing tactics the way all the other motor oil companies do. We set out to make the best motor oil in the world and has done it for over 30 years.

We were the very first company to put out synthetic oil for cars before all of the other motor oil companies decided to do it. Get all of the proof on here and GET IT IN WRITING! If you're not putting AMSOIL in your car, you're not getting the best protection possible and you're paying more as our oil saves you money with extended drains. Also see: Amsoil vs. Red Line Oil. Amsoil vs. Royal Purple. If our product has been proven to be better than everyone else and is cheaper or the same to use what you're using now, it just doesn't make any sense to use anything else. Why keep paying more money for something that's not proven in writing to be any better?

They say "Nobody outperforms Mobil One" - WRONG! See how our product compares to Mobil 1 when running ASTM tests.

According to Environmental Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, senior counsel for the National Resources Defense Fund:
"If we raise fuel efficiency standards in American cars by one mile per gallon, in one year, we would save twice the amount of oil that could be obtained from the arctic national wildlife refuge"

"Raise it by 2.7 miles a gallon to eliminate all the oil imports from Iraq and Kuwait combined"

Amzoil synthetic motor oil in 1972!

AMSOIL  Synthetic Motor Motor Oil has been proven the best for 40 years and will dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy and life!
First introduced for automotive use back in 1972 - MANY YEARS before any other synthetic motor oil was introduced for automobiles. We care about saving the planet! Our 0W30 drain intervals are over 8x longer than conventional petrolium motor oil. When you sit down and do the math, all of a sudden the "low cost" motor oil you "THOUGHT" you were buying is actually COSTING YOU MORE THAN USING OUR PRODUCT! When you factor in the better fuel economy, longer lasting spark plugs, longer starter life and other components from using AMSOIL motor oil, THERE IS NO COMPARISON. For a car going 100,000 miles, that's about 33 oil changes using conventional oil. Isn't your time and travel to the auto parts store all of those 33 times worth something? And if you have a family and have 2, 3 or 4 cars, multiply those 33 oil changes to 66, 99 or 132 motor oil changes! Maybe this will help you understand why "BIG" oil companies are LOVING IT that you change your motor oil every 3,000 miles. They are MAKING BILLIONS in profit as long as you don't find out about companies like our products!

Imagine the millions of dollars taxpayers could save if all of our local government branches implemented what's on this web site!

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