Eden Lawn Care of Clermont, Florida

Gale Salyers doesn't know yet how much he'll save using AMSOIL lubricants in his lawn maintenance machinery, but one benefit was immediately apparent.

"I don't have to gag on smoke and exhaust when I'm using my gas-powered hedge trimmers," Salyers said. "With regular petroleum-based oil, I had smoke and fumes in my face and oil on my shirts all time since the trimmer is held at chest level. Now I have no smoke or carbon buildup."

Lawn care company switches to Amsoil
LAWN CARE SPECIALISTS- (left to right) DeeDee Salyers, Tim Salyers and Gale Salyers display the tools they use in their Eden Lawn Care services business in Clermont, Florida. The family-run business recently converted to AMSOIL oil in all its two-stroke and four-stroke machinery.

Salyers, who owns and operates Eden Lawn Care with his wife and son in Clermont, Florida was introduced to AMSOIL 2-Cycle oil by one of his customers, AMSOIL Dealer Paul Curtis.

"I had thought about switching to a synthetic oil," Salyers said, "but my attitude was, if it's not broke, don't fix it. Then Paul gave me a couple of packets of the 100:1 2-Cycle Oil, and that sold me on it right away."

Eden Lawn Care services more than 100 customers each week in the Clermont area, one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. In business for 16 years, the Salyers have two trailer loads of machinery, including Dixie Choppers and John Deere walk-behinds. Salyers just switched to AMSOIL motor oil in his four-stroke engines and plans to perform scheduled maintenance every six weeks instead of every two. He already has influenced a great many of the area lawn care companies to switch as well.

"I've been around this machinery a long time, and I've used just about every type of oil," Salyers said. "And this is by far the best I've used in 16 years. It is just a great product."