AMSOIL Lubricated Four Cylinder Sets World Record

1995 Mitsubishi Mirage breaks record using Amsoil gear lube, racing grease and synthetic motor oilAt the Pan-American Nationals in Atca, New Jersey, Antonio Torres, owner of Sakura, a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage, watched his son Eric Yamil blast through the quarter mile in 7.97 seconds at 168.30 miles per hour. It was the first four cylinder powered vehicle to break the seven second barrier. Torres says that AMSOIL lubricants played a vital role in the car's record breaking performance.

"During my life as a runner, I've used a lot of different oils and additives in hopes of improving my engine performance," said Torres. "Once we installed AMSOIL Series 2000 75W-90 Gear Lube and the AMSOIL Racing Grease, we noticed a much more responsive machine. This was proven when we broke the world record in July of '97. We are making small changes and adjustments, expecting that with AMSOIL products we will be able to push the machine to its absolute maximum. We believe we'll be able to break the record again."

All the oil companies say that they make the best oil. Castrol's recent TV commercial boasts, "Castrol Syntec Outperforms all leading motor oils". For those who didn't read the fine print, what they did was compare their "SYNTHETIC" oil against "NON-SYNTHETIC" motor oil.

Not only is our oil the highest quality oil you will find on the market, but because it lasts up to 8 times longer than regular oil, with the extended drain intervals, it also makes it the CHEAPER than what you're using now! It may be a little more expensive than the oil you use now, but what good is the cheap oil you're using now if you have to change it up to 8 times as often, PLUS the cheap oil you're using now quickly turns into sludge while Amsoil does not! It does not wear out and only gets contaminated from acids. That's the only reason you need to change it unless you use the dual-bypass kit then you virtually do not need to change your oil. You're not saving any money with the oil you're using currently, plus the oil you're using now is only wearing out your engine faster and not giving you as good of fuel economy and power as you would get using Amsoil. Because of the reduced friction, you could expect to get up to 8% better MPG!

See proof that nobody is better than AMSOIL. Visit any synthetic oil page on the Internet you want. You won't find a single company on the Internet proving to be better than our oil using any of the standard ASTM tests. They may say they are the best, but let's see proof and synthetic oil comparisons, not some low-blow synthetic vs. non-synthetic oil comparisons.

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