The Truth Hurts

Extended drains have been proven safe for over 25 years and millions of miles of testing. Don't be fooled. Thousands of motorists extend their oil change intervals while still maintaining superior engine protection, enhanced performance and increased fuel economy.

Today's vehicles are built to go 100,000 miles without a tune-up. Tires last for 75,000 to 100,000 miles. Anti-freeze now lasts up to 150,000 miles.

If it weren't for your oil and filters, you could drive your car off the lot and never see another service technician for 100,000 miles. Don't you wish "they" would come up with some way to avoid the hassle and the expense of so many oil & filter changes? If you're tired of 3,000 mile oil changes, this will be some of the most important information you ever read.

LUBRICATION INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED! - Why isn't the automotive lubrication industry offering the same convenience that other automotive industries are? Because they're afraid of lost revenue. The technology's been around for years. AMSOIL has proven that with over 25 years of extended drain experience. It's simply more profitable for large oil companies to sell a four dollar standard drain synthetic than a slightly more expensive extended drain synthetic. They've got you coming back every 3 to 5,000 miles. They've got your money.

In fact, synthetic oils are just an add on. Their bread and butter is conventional petroleum oil sales. If they start selling cost-effective, extended drain synthetic oils, you will quit buying petroleum oil. And, you'll purchase synthetic oil less often. In the end their profit margins would fall drastically. They would have to completely rethink their marketing strategy. How sad.

How are Big Oil Companies Brainwashing Consumers?

The oil industry has decided to do something about the trend toward extended drains. Here's a recent article which explains their latest scare tactics in the fight against extended drains:

They're calling it vehicle neglect. They say consumers aren't maintaining their automobiles. They blame the media and "other groups" for spreading notions of extended maintenance intervals including oil changes. "They" are the newfound Council for Automotive Reliability (CAR). This new organization was formed by certain members of the oil and/or oil change industry to address the growing trend of extended drain intervals.

According to Auto Services Operator (ASO) Magazine (Oct./Nov '98), the Council for Automotive Reliability will serve as a source of information on oil changes and other routine automotive maintenance for consumers, the media, government and other entities.

"We are not surprised that current research is revealing such maintenance neglect because the consumer media and other groups have featured countless articles and exposés that tout the acceptability of less frequent maintenance, including oil changes," said Larry Solomon, Manager of Market Research for Valvoline. "There is not a clear voice telling consumers why regular automobile maintenance is good for them and their vehicles."
Where does AMSOIL stand on this issue?

"It's crafty," said AMSOIL's Advertising Coordinator Ed Newman. "This is just a clever way of promoting their hidden agenda. A Council for Automotive Reliability would be a wonderful concept for consumers if it were unbiased. They're trying to create a pretext of being non-biased by forming a non-profit agency image. Of course they want extended drains to appear as neglect. The truth is, the general public wants less maintenance, but less maintenance is not the same thing as neglect.

"There are good reasons for the countless articles and exposés...extended drains are working and the general public is responding. AMSOIL, INC. was founded on the ideals of good automotive maintenance. It's the reason Al Amatuzio created AMSOIL, for better engine protection. CAR, as they call themselves, will basically try to 're-educate' consumers on 3000 mile drain intervals. They (the sponsoring petroleum oil companies) need to protect their sales."

Here's another little known tidbit you should know. Mobil came out with a 25,000 mile synthetic in the mid 70's, a few years after AMSOIL came out with theirs. But, the company refocused on petroleum oils because they were more profitable. Guess what? They've done another 180. It appears Mobil Corporation is now working on another 25,000 mile synthetic oil. Why 25,000 miles? Why not 20,000 or 30,000? Who do you think their competing with?

So Why Does AMSOIL Do It?

25,000 mile oil drain intervals. Hmm. Sounds incredible doesn't it? I thought so too. But, a few years ago, I started studying AMSOIL products and the company background. You want to know what I found?

AMSOIL has been the leader in synthetic lubrication and filtration technology for over 25 years. Even in 1972 they were recommending their oils for 25,000 miles when other oil companies thought synthetics were just a gimmick. But, more important to you, there has NEVER been a mechanical malfunction or voided warranty due to proper use of AMSOIL products.

Al Amatuzio, President of the AMSOIL company, knew that synthetic oils were capable of extended drains and that longer drains would benefit you. So, he focused on a niche market that no other oil company wanted to touch and built the largest synthetic lubricant company in the world.

So What Benefits Do AMSOIL Products Offer You?

AMSOIL Features
Extended Service Life
Superior additives & high quality basestocks allow for 25,000 mile oil drains. This saves you a great deal of time and money over the course of a year. Add that to the savings of improved fuel economy, and you'll easily pay for the extra cost of a high quality synthetic oil.
Cooler Engine Operation
Less engine stress & wear, better performance, fewer costly repairs & longer engine life.
Thermal/Oxidative Stability
A clean engine equals better performance, longer engine life & fewer costly repairs.
Superior Friction Reduction
Improved fuel economy & less wear. Longer engine life & fewer costly repairs.
Low Volatility
Less oil evaporation means less oil consumption & better oil flow. This provides for better fuel economy and wear protection
Broad Temperature Range
Easier cold weather starting. Better high & low temp. protection means fewer costly repairs & longer engine life.
Extremely High TBN
Reduces engine corrosion which increases oil service life & engine life while reducing costly repairs

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