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Amsoil - The first company to come out with synthetic oil for automobiles before Mobil, Royal Purple or Castrol

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Amsoil doesn't have to exaggerate the facts

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High Performance 2-cycle oil for snowmobiles, blowers, weedwackers

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Don't even think about using Castrol Syntec, Vavoline, Quaker state, Pennzoil or Mobil SuperSyn!

Attention Harley Owners:
Harley's Genuine Oil rates the worst in the Industry Standard 4-Ball wear test. Why would you want to keep using their oil?

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409,000 miles without an oil change using Amsoil in an 18-wheeler

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The dependency on foreign oil stops RIGHT HERE. Amsoil products are 100% made in the USA.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit very satisfied with the results of Amsoil in their fleet!

Amsoil Corporate page


From the President's Desk

Amatuzio introduced INTERCEPTOR 2-cycle oilThis company has a long history of being first with new ideas and products, beginning with the first qualified synthetic motor oil on the market. That one product eventually became a line of products that changed the world of lubrication forever. Over the years we introduced many synthetic lubricants that were the first of their kind, from 100 to 1 2-Cycle Oil to gear lubes, greases, transmission fluids, racing oils, filters, the list is much too long to list here. We were the first in North or South America with a NOACK Volatility Tester now used by every oil company.

We also introduced the concept of extended drain intervals and backed up the concept with products that actually accomplished extended service life in all kinds of engines and equipment. Today, most of our products and concepts are being "discovered" and re-introduced by the major oil companies. There was a magazine ad we developed a few years ago that stated, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... and we appreciate it!" We have been flattered a lot in recent years!

Yes, we are a company of firsts. I believe it's important to maintain that momentum. We must never rest on our laurels or be satisfied with today's accomplishments. We will continue to test new ideas and concepts to create new and better products. Doing so demonstrates our leadership and our commitment to bringing new markets and new opportunities to our Dealers.

2-cycle Interceptor oil - high performanceYou will notice the cover and lead story in this Action News features a new two-cycle oil called "INTERCEPTOR." This new product (and many more coming in future months) is the work of my son, Alan. He is now involved in new product development and is doing an excellent job. This is a task I used to accomplish virtually alone during these past thirty-plus years, and I am pleased to see Alan taking such a strong interest in it and being so capable at it.

Even though Alan is assuming more responsibilities in new product development, he stays in constant communication with me on the concepts, testing and packaging of any new product he's working on. I still run this company, so I remain involved in everything that goes on here at AMSOIL. But it is a pleasure to' sec both AMSOIL Vice Presidents, my son Alan and son-in-law Dean Alexander, so capably assuming more responsibilities for this company as time goes on.

This new two-cycle oil is the first in what will be a family of specially formulated two-cycle oils, each designed tor specific applications. It is a niche-market approach that allows us to engineer two-cycle oils that deliver top performance in the most diverse and demanding applications, from racing to weed whacking to jet boating to snowmobiling to boating, to you name it, we will have a two-cycle oil specifically formulated for every two-cycle engine.

INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil has been thoroughly tested in the Rocky Mountains in the most severe conditions where high RPM powder riding, hill climbing, and constant speed trail riding are the norm. We tested for over 400,000 miles in snowmobiles and this new oil performed flawlessly. The oil showed perfect results, with no engine or exhaust valve deposits, minimal smoke/odor, and no ring sticking. INTERCEPTOR is the ultimate recreational two-cycle oil!

Those of you who attended our convention were introduced to another major improvement to an existing product line, our new two-stage FLOWZAIR Filters. These air filters were a huge hit with Dealers at our convention and were featured in the August Action News. Not only have they been completely re-engineered to deliver superior performance, they are really very attractive, high quality units. The performance and looks have been improved, but our price to Dealers has not been increased, making them a super value and very profitable add-on item to every new oil change you sell.

Also introduced at the convention were three mar-velous new supplements, A. J.'s Roborant Energy, an herbal supplement formulated to restore vigor, strength and endurance, Longevity Enzymes, designed to help fight our body's natural aging process, and Nutritional Oils, our all-in-one essential oils formula providing Omega 3's, EPA, DHA, and GLA. All three of these products were extremely well received at the convention. In fact, we nearly sold our entire initial stock and had to re-order immediately. All three products were featured in the August Altrum News. Take a close look at these and the many fine vitamin and nutritional supplements in the Altrum line. They are of the highest quality. I use them every day and swear by them!

So you can see that we have not been resting on our laurels. Our success has been the result of constant improvement to our products, our production methods, our sales programs, and our administration. This approach keeps us on the leading edge of our industry, and has served us well over the years. We thrive on turning new ideas into products that outperform all others. You will see more of them in future months, all designed to increase your income opportunities. They truly are superior products that you can represent with confidence and pride.

    A.J. "Al" Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL, INC.

Amatuzio introduced INTERCEPTOR 2-cycle oil
AMSOIL Corporate Offices in Superior, Wisconsin

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