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Your Amsoil DealerThanks for visiting my web site today. I am an independent Amsoil Regency Direct Jobber.

Over 99% of my customers live more than 50 to 3,000 miles away from me. I primarily do business all over the north American continent (including Canada) and can selll all of Amsoil's products directly to you as all of their products are sold primarily through the mail order catalog which I can mail to you. You won't find Amsoil products at too many local stores yet as it is Amsoil's policy not to sell to any major chains. All products are DROP SHIPPED from a warehouse close to you.
(The picture here is me attending Miami Boat show in February of 2004.)

How do I receive AMSOIL Products?

There are 11 major distribution warehouses strategically located all over the U.S.A. and 2 in Canada. What happens is when you place an order through the catalog, your order is processed at the corporate headquarters and then your products are sent from the warehouse closest to you. This speeds up ground shipping tremendously and keeps shipping cost at a bare minimum. Depending on where you live, shipping time should be within 1 to 3 days.

If you have not already done so, please click the "FREE CATALOG" link on the top right -or- scroll down to the very bottom of this page and fill out your information and I will mail you a catalog right away.

AMSOIL Direct Dealer plaque awarded to mePlease look through the information on my web site. I've tried to make as much information available as possible so you can research a lot about oil.

The one thing you may have noticed different about the information on my web site versus other oil companies is that this web site isn't filled with a bunch of hype just saying how good the oil is. Instead, it's all proven in writing with the standard ASTM tests used by major oil companies.

So instead of Amsoil making ridiculous claims about beating the "leading brand" they go head to head with most of those big guys' oil that most of you are using now. That's what impressed me the most. Then in every major motor oil comparison I've ever seen, Amsoil came out on top. Better than Mobil, Valvoline, Royal Purple, Red Line, Castrol Syntec and every other oil that those companies waste millions of dollars in advertising trying to brainwash us with.


The car that made me become an Amsoil dealerThe way I learned about Amsoil before becoming a dealer is that I had a $27,000 car that I wished to protect an all-aluminum engine and I wanted the very least amount of friction and wear on the internal parts. Out of every oil I've ever seen tested, Amsoil has been proven to do a better job over all of the competitors I mentioned. At the time of buying this Z28 you see here, I was a die-hard Mobil 1 user before learning about Amsoil. This new 2001 Camaro Z28 was consuming about a quart of Mobil 1 synthetic oil every 1,000 miles.

Fellow Camaro owners told me, "Take it back and have GM rebuild the motor under warranty." The last thing I wanted to do was to go back and have some $13-16/hr. mechanic go and tear down a $10,000 engine and put it back and "HOPE" that it ran okay after they put it together. So that's when I heard about Amsoil and tried it. I used the 10W30 and oil consumption problem went away completely.

Now if Mobil 1 was so good as they say, how come I burned about a quart of it every 1,000 miles? On top of that, not only did switching to Amsoil repair my oil consumption problem, but now I no longer had to change my oil every few thousand miles the way I did when using Mobil. Now I only had to change it once per year. The oil still looks great after one year and there is NO SLUDGE WHATSOEVER when using Amsoil and engine wear is virtually ELIMINATED keeping the engine internals like new for as long as I own the vehicle. Imagine keeping a car for 15 years and only having to do 15 oil changes (unless you're a taxi driver or delivery vehicel driving 40,000 or more miles per year.)

Isn't it about time you learned the truth? Learn what the auto manufacturers and your "friendly" dealership doesn't want you to know about AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for your vehicle's engine. And don't think for a second that vehicle and equipment manufacturers and other oil companies don't know about Amsoil and the benefits of synthetic lubricants. Most have tested and analyzed it, and in fact, many automotive engineers that we work with use it in their own vehicles but still refuse to acknowledge to the public that AMSOIL Synthetics are superior to petroleum oils and any other brand of synthetic in every way and can practically stop internal wear in its tracks. And don't let your local dealership service center tell you that you you have to use their brand of motor oil to "maintain your warranty". That is the biggest untruth we have ever heard yet it goes on day in and day out.

You're not saving a dime by using cheap oil from the auto parts store, not to mention the damage it does to seals and bearings over the long haul. Initially Amsoil may cost a little bit more up front than conventional oil, but it makes absolutely no sense not to use it because the annual fuel savings are more than likely enough to pay for the entire oil change and more; therefore making conventional oil totally obsolete as we know it. Unlike conventional oil which is imported from crude in other countries, Amsoil oils are made here in the good ole U.S.A. Not to mention, the less oil we demand from other countries, THE LOWER OUR GAS PRICES CAN GO! You're not doing yourself or the economy of the country any favors at all by putting cheap oil from the local auto parts store. It hurts all of us as whole long term.

I ended up getting a 2002 Camaro Z28. It looks nearly identical to the 2001 Camaro that you see above that I had previously except that this model is an automatic and my 2001 was a 6-speed. Same color. Same chrome wheels. Also black interior. Same fast and fun LS1 Corvette motor.

2002 Camaro Z28

When I first got this car, it was getting only 22 MPG on the highway. I would drive the same stretch of highway to work each way averaging about 60 MPH most of the distance.

I put in Amsoil 0W30 in the engine, Amsoil ATF in the transmission and Amsoil 75W90 gear lube in the rear differential. This car now consistently gets 26 MPG, an increase of 4 MPG. What does a gain of 4 MPG mean to me? Let's just say that it makes Amsoil FREE for me from the overwhelming fuel savings that I was not getting from the other oils.

I was averaging about 22,000 miles per year on this car. At 22 MPG, that would require 1,000 gallons of fuel per year. At $3.09 per gallon, that would cost me $3,090 per year in fuel.

Now with the increase gas mileage, the same 22,000 miles per year now uses 846 gallons of fuel at 26 MPG. 846 gallons x $3.09 per gallon equals $2,614. That's an annual savings of $476 per year in fuel costs.

It completely boggles my mind that there's people out there that refuse to use Amsoil. Amsoil has been proven by an independent lab company to beat all of the competition. And now with the fuel savings I am receiving, this oil is actually FREE!! And people tell me it's expensive. How can that be when I pay about $65/yr. for Amsoil and it's saving me $476 in fuel? What part of giving me a positive gain of $411 back in my pocket is expensive? It's better oil and I'm using LESS FUEL. Those $2.99 oils at the auto parts store are JUNK and they are like a slow cancer to your engine and they do nothing more than shorten the life of the engine and put more profits into the auto parts store from all of the repeat visits, plus you have to keep trading in vehicles frequently since the drivetrains wear out.

It makes no sense at all that I am not getting phone calls by every police department, tax cab and limo company in America. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE CALLING ME! Stop throwing away money on maintenance. You people at the police stations can save the taxpayers money by using Amsoil and get more miles out of every vehicle instead of having to buy new police cars all the time. There's no reason why a drive train using Amsoil can't be reliable to 300,000+ miles. If a police department doubled their miles on every vehicle before dumping them, imagine how many millions of dollars could be saved. I have customers calling me all the time telling me how they've bought used cars from people that used Amsoil since the vehicle was new and the vehicles continue to perform flawlessly, even with over 200,000 miles on them.

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