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Know the facts:

  • Before AMSOIL, there was no API rated synthetic motor oil.
  • Before other oil companies "discovered" synthetic motor oil, AMSOIL already had the first motor oils on the market for years.
  • Before "fill for life" became an industry buzzword, AMSOIL was filling for life.
  • Before specification GM4718M for General Motors synthetic factory fill was required, our product was already meeting the spec and making the grade.
  • Before OEM's began extending drain intervals, Our product was extending automotive drains to 25,000 miles and over-the-road diesels to many tens of thousands of miles.
  • Before the other oil manufacturers were even concerned with volatility, our product was using and passing the NOACK Volatility Test to insure the highest quality, longest lasting motor oils. (Our products had the first NOACK test equipment in the U.S.)
  • Before improving engine performance was considered a goal of other motor oil companies, it had been an accomplished fact with our products for many years.
  • Before auto makers periodically increased the demands on motor oils, our products were meeting and exceeding those demands without reformulating.
  • Before the rest of the industry understands what the lubrication performance challenges of today are, We met those challenges. From the introduction of its first synthetic motor oil, we made it necessary for other oil companies to improve their products or fall behind.
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