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From the President's Desk

A.J. "Al" AmatuzioIn looking over the last issue of Action News, it occurred to me that there were quite a few Dealers being recognized who I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Some were new Direct Jobbers and somewere new Direct Dealers who we recognize everymonth. Even though I haven’t met you all, I want to congratulate you for your achievement and wish you all the best in the future!

New faces are what keep this company strong and vibrant. Their recognition every month is testimony to the fact that Dealers are actively recruiting and building their organizations. It also speaks well for the validity of the AMSOIL opportunity. Even though we are celebrating our 29th year in business, an AMSOIL Dealership is still a ground floor opportunity. And even though our name recognition and reputation for high-quality products has grown significantly over the years, we still have not even scratched the surface of our potential. I think we all realize that fact and it keeps us highly motivated to maximize our personal potential.

I and many of the AMSOIL staff just returned from our annual Direct Jobber Convention which was held this year in Williamsburg, Virginia, a city rich in this country’s history. It was an especially appropriate place for AMSOIL Dealers to gather considering the events of 9-11. There was a patriotic flavor to the entire convention with the red, white and blue evident everywhere, and I don’t mean just the AMSOIL colors.

This was the best-attended D.J. Convention we’ve ever held. And like my observations about the new faces being recognized in Action News, there were plenty of new faces present at the Convention as well. The mood was one of optimism, excitement, and anticipation. Everyone was talking about how well their businesses were doing and how much easier it is to build an AMSOIL Business today, with all the tools available to AMSOIL Dealers.

What struck me was how responsive our D.J.’s were to all we presented. Of course, one of the main topics of conversation was on-line selling and the power ofthe AMSOIL Website. Many Dealers and Directs are using the Internet with great success. I can tell you that our Internet sales keep growing significantly, beyond even our most optimistic expectations. There is a lesson here for every AMSOIL Dealer. When was the last time you visited the Dealer Zone on our Website?

Of course, we introduced new products at the Convention. The new AMSOIL “Convenience Store” concept was explained and the introduction of Bosch spark plugs and wiper blades to the AMSOIL productline was made. Like AMSOIL products, Bosch products are known for quality and performance. They will certainly complement every AMSOIL Dealer’s business.

We also introduced our new BriteSide T-6 Cleaning Concentrate. This could be the only cleaner a family needs. It is highly concentrated and dilutes with water to accomplish a wide range of cleaning capabilities, from heavy-duty cleaning such as engines or grass-stained lawn mowers to light-duty cleaning such as windows and mirrors. It’s an excellent product that you should order and use personally and offer to all your customers!

Both of these new products are featured in this issue of Action News. Be sure to read about them and incorporate them into your business. There are other new products coming soon as well. Look for announcements in future issues of Action News.

One thing came through loud and clear at this convention, and that was the enthusiasm and positive attitudes of all our Direct Jobbers. They told us they were proud to represent the AMSOIL product line because they knew our products are the very best available anywhere. I reinforced the AMSOIL philosophy of “quality first” in my presentation, leaving little doubt that our standards are the highest in the industry.

They also told us to keep doing what we are doing in promoting AMSOIL through racing, advertising, trade shows, and co-op programs. They said that as a result ofwhat we have been doing, for the first time, much oftheir business comes from customers seeking them out to buy their products. That seems to be the trend.

Today, synthetic oils are not looked on as “experimental” oils, but are universally accepted as being superior lubricants. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are considered the best of the best. Our Dealers have gained new respect as people realize that what we have been saying about our products for nearly thirty years is absolutely true. It’s a respect that’s long overdue.To you new Dealers and Directs, make the most of the AMSOIL opportunity and always be proud to be anAMSOIL Dealer. You represent the best!

    A.J. "Al" Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL, INC.


AMSOIL Corporate offices
AMSOIL Corporate Offices in Superior, Wisconsin

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