Best synthetic motor oil recommended for your Chevrolet (Chevy) Lumina APV Minivan
Best synthetic motor oil recommended for your Chevrolet (Chevy) Lumina APV Minivan
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409,000 miles without an oil change using Amsoil in an 18-wheeler

Bonicelli Racing of NASCAR using AMSOIL

Breaking world's records - fastest 4 cylinder using Amsoil

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Snowmobile racing in Canada sees the benefits of oil lubrication

Big NY City taxi cab test comparing Amsoil to the conventional 3,000 mile oil change. See the surprising findings.

You have found the absolute greatest source for the best
synthetic oil for your Chevy Lumina APV mini-van

Best synthetic motor oil recommended for your Chevrolet (Chevy) Lumina APV Minivan. Synthetic oil being added at 130,000 miles on this minivan!The same synthetic motor oil that 85% of NASCAR owners put in to protect their expensive engines when racing on the track.

If you want the absolute best oil, 2nd to none, then Amsoil synthetic is what all Lumina owners should be putting in their cars. Click the Testimonies link above and read about why so many race car drivers, police departments and trucking companies are using Amsoil and see the proof of why there is no better oil, despite all of the claims that other competing oil manufacturers make and often get sued over. 30 years and millions of miles of solid proof that Amsoil is #1 and FIRST IN SYNTHETICS.

Receive a free catalog in the mail on our products. I encourage you to study this web site thoroughly. After seeing the extensive tests using taxi cabs that was performed comparing conventional oil (what the majority of the world uses) vs. Amsoil, you COULD NOT PAY ME to put that conventional oil in any of my cars ever again.

You won't find a better quality oil anywhere and to prove it, just read all of the comparisons on here. It's no wonder so many people are switching to Amsoil every day.

Using Amsoil's AEF engine flush to prepare engine for use with Amsoil oilBefore using Amsoil for the first time, be sure to use Amsoil's Engine Flush. Start by draining approximately 1 pint of oil. Next, add the engine flush like you see in the picture to the right. Let the engine idle for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Using the liquid vacuum to remove the oil.Drain your oil as normal. And replace it with the Amsoil 10W30 as seen at the top of this web page. If you live in a cold climate like Canada, Montana, North or South Dakota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, etc., you can also try the best product Amsoil makes which is Synthetic 0W30. It can be 40 below zero outside and the oil will still flow perfectly. The liquid suction device in the picture also works great for removing transmission fluid.

For an oil filter, be sure to use the Super Duty Series. These filters need to be changed every 6 months or 12,500 miles. The 10W30 oil pictured at the top of this web page needs to be changed every year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Take note for your vehicle! Write this down
Use one of these oil filters when using Amsoil oil
The 3.8L and 3.4L engines uses oil filter EAO-29.
The 3.1L engine uses oil filter EAO-23.

See how Amsoil's synthetic compares to Mobil's Tri-Synthetic in the Four-Ball wear test:

See how Amsoil's 0W30 outperforms Mobil's 0W30. This is proof that Amsoil is the best synthetic oil recommended for Lumina APV owners.

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