Nissan Sentra owner satisfied with results of Amsoil synthetic motor oil
From: , Adelanto, California

When asked about my experience with AMSOIL Products, and if I would be willing to give you a letter of my experience with these fine products, I was more than happy to endorse one of the finest products to ever hit the market. When I had a 1987 Nissan Sentra a couple of years ago, it had 78,000 miles on it when purchased. It ran well for a time as I used it mainly for going back and forth to work because of the high miles. To make a long story short, it was faded red in color, body in good shape, brakes and transmission in good shape, but the engine was beginning to loose power, and make noises that I felt sure were going to lead to the replacement of an imported engine as they were cheaper then a rebuild.

I heard about AMSOIL products, and although not the cheapest item, it was certainly worth a shot at extending the life of Old Red. I used the 10W40 since I was under the impression that it was needed for out here in the high extremes of the Dessert to be able to best lubricate my engine, and hopefully smooth it out for at least another years worth. I bought the oil, and two filters, although I didn’t buy the engine flush or the transmission ATF fluid at that time since I had just had the engine flushed, and the tranny was in great shape.

Well let me tell you this, after replacing Valvoline Oil with AMSOIL, I not only heard, but felt the engine smooth out, no more wearing sounds, no more loss of engine power when going uphill, and after another quick tune up on top of that, we started using this car, (because of the gas mileage) for trips down the hill into L.A. and San Bernardino, and even using Old Red to run back and forth to visit the kids in Lake Havasu, AZ, and a trip or two to Vegas and Laughlin. I changed the filter one time after 7 months, the oil was clear as a bell, and that’s with all the dust and sand storms we get that will pit the windows on most cars out here in a couple of years. In all, I put another 21,000 miles on Old Red, and sold it to an Old Neighbor who still has it as far as I know, and I hadn’t changed to oil in it yet.

The friend moved to Briar, Washington, but the last time I spoke to him, he still had Old Red, and still hadn’t done anything but change plugs every once in awhile, and replace the filter, and top it off with AMSOIL. What can you say about a product that works this well? I don’t think you can, you either have to believe that we were like you, and figured we had nothing but our money to lose, and a good oil change, or that it Works. It Does!


Rickey L. Morris, webmaster of Lost in the 50's Classic Cars

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