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Gosselin Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

My name is Dan Gosselin. I operate My first experience with AMSOIL was in 1994 or so. This is my true to life Amsoil testimony.  I owned and operated a landscaping business in central Florida called "Gosselin Lawn and Landscape Maintenance".  My business consisted mostly of  back breaking or what one customer called "labor intense" work of mowing residential lawns. I did some light landscaping as well, but mainly myself and my crew of three spent our days mowing up to 340 lawns a week. Pretty simple right? Not really.

I found out early on that equipment was cheaper than help. In other words, if I could find equipment that would do the job faster, then I would need fewer employees to do the job and save a bundle of money.  Now that all sounds great in theory, but the truth is my equipment was going through some brutal punishment. My customers in their zealous quest to own the best neighborhood lawn would invariably over fertilize, and over water  their lawns.  Now  central Florida is already the perfect place for a lawn to grow.  There is plenty of rain, and sunshine.  There are several types of lawn grasses that grow there, but one in particualr called bahia grass is brutal. Bahia grass is basically a weed that dies out and lets worse weeds take it's place after seven years or so.  The long and short of it all is that most of my lawns were growing almost an inch a day in the summer.

The incredible growth rate of Florida lawns combined with the ever present mid day showers makes for an extremely tough environment for commercial lawn mowers (and their operators). 

At the time I was driving a 1989 Chevy 1/2 ton truck, with a vortec fuel injected V6 engine, and was "almost" into a 1995 Dodge 3/4 ton truck with a cummins turbo diesel engine. I needed the additional horsepower, torque, and mileage that the cummins diesel engine would provide as my business was growing fast.

I was using some excellent equipment that definately kept the employee level down, but I was having some major trouble with it.  It didn't seem to matter what brand of equipment, or what motors they used.  They were all overheating.

After a few years of struggling with various mowers overheating I turned to my local commercial mower dealer for help.  First they recommended adding some "blow out ports" to the engine covers to blow out the grass clippings that accumulate in the cooling fins.  All my equipment was air cooled, and I thought this was a great idea, and had the dealer do this as the machines came in for repair.  Unfortunately it only worked for a short time. Around May or so it all started happening again.  My air cooled equipment was overheating and the oil seals were being destroyed, and everything was smoking and so on.  The oil leaks just made everything worse by giving the grass clippings a place to stick to.

In Florida in the spring and summer the last thing you need is hot equipment.   You can actually feel the heat coming off the engines and it makes your day miserable. Quite often my crew and I were working in 96 degree F heat and 96% humidity as it is.  (go figure the heat index) I was getting pretty upset with the equipment manufacturers and the dealers.  I thought " don't they reaize that this stuff needs to work when it's hot out? "  After all, grass doesn't even grow in the winter.

Just as I was thinking it's time to get out of this business, my local commercial mower shop started selling AMS OIL products.  They called me at home and suggested I try  the 10w40 in my mowers.  I thought "sure, at five bucks a quart all my problems go away right? Hellooo?".  Well I was desperate, and tried out AMS OIL in my favorite (brand new) mower. Sure enough it was not overheating!   I was in hog heaven!

I immediately converted all my equipment over to AMS OIL and all those problems went away. I mean it was like magic! I never  used "dead dinosaur juice" in my  equipment again.

After 4,000 hours on my best machine we tore down the engine to compare my AMSOIL protected engine to engines  belonging to other landscapers using conventional motor oils and other synthetics.  There was no comparison. I mean none. These other guys were ready to replace their engines at 4,000 hours, and my engines piston cylanders were still showing the "hash marks" left from when they were honed at the factory!

I filled my 1995 Dodge 3/4 ton Cummins diesel powered truck  with Amsoil.  I noticed a difference in mileage fairly quickly.

That was enough for me.  I was sold.  I have been using AMSOIL products in everything I've owned ever since.

Now I live in Massachusetts, and don't put in the physical labor that  I once did, but I still drive a Dodge truck to go over sand, and commute to work. This time I chose Hemi power and four wheel drive.  My truck is equipped with an on board computer that tells me the mileage I am getting.  Although I can't even compare it to the mileage from my diesel powered two wheel drive Dodge, I was able to improve my mileage by almost one mile per gallon with an Amsoil oil change alone. I'm not done yet! I still need to change the front and rear end , and transfer case lubes, and as soon as my maintenance program calls for it, ATF fluid.  If I manage to get even close to 1.5 miles per gallon savings over he life of this truck I could save about $1,666.00. That's assuming $2.00 per gallon price for gas, 200,000 miles use on the truck before trade in,  and an average of 16 miles per gallon. This savings happens slowly, but it happens. I'm talking about the gasoline savings alone!   The part I really appreciate is this...  I never need to crawl under the truck in the snow to change my oil. I simply reach in from the front, unscrew the oil filter, and replace it with another Amsoil SDF-42 filter, add a quart of 0W30, and i'm good to go. 

I became an AMS OIL dealer because I was looking for a quality product I could sell over the internet, and locally.  I wanted a product that people would keep coming back for.  One day I was searching for home business opportunities on the internet and stumbled onto my sponsors AMS OIL site.  I never even knew I could become an AMS OIL dealer.  Now, not only do I save 25% on my own orders, I earn commissions on my referrals.

If you are entertaining the thought of becoming an AMSOIL dealer,  don't  hesitate. The price is right, and people really need your product. Although the business has been around since 1972,  the general public is still in the dark about synthetic oil and especially Amsoil. With gasoline, diesel, and oil prices going up, and with no end in site, people will be looking to save money on these items. Like myself, you can offer a better way.

Dan Gosselin


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