AMSOIL Motor Oils "Do What They Are Supposed to Do"

Dealer Bob Well of Bedford, Texas has one customer in particular who believes AMSOIL motor oils "really do what they are supposed to do."

1996 Chevy Impala SS using Amsoil 0W30 synthetic motor oilStan Zmorzynski uses AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30 Motor Oil in both his 1987 Chevy pickup and in his 1996 Impala SS. Recently, Zmorzynski was out to dinner with his wife when they both noticed a pool of fluid about three feet from the front of the truck. They drove home and checked the truck further, but could not tell if it was transmission fluid or coolant.

Zmorzynski called an auto repair shop and took the truck in for the mechanics to check. They found that it was not ATF, but that he had blown the rear intake manifold gasket, and therefore had lost compression and quite a bit of oil as well.

1987 Chevy Pickup using Amsoil 0W30 synthetic motor oilThe engine in Zmorzynski's pickup is a crated replacement engine that the previous owner put in the vehicle. Since he purchased the truck, Zmorzynski changed the oil over to AMSOIL Series 2000 OW-30 and put over 30,000 miles on the engine in rush hour conditions.

Zmorzyski was truly surprised when his mechanic reported that the engine had "no visual signs of wear," and was "extremely clean with no sludge and no foam." Basically, Zmorzynski still owned a brand new engine.

"Even the mechanic could not believe how smooth the truck ran at idle and in gear," Zmorzynski said. "I have the same response with my '96 Impala SS, which has become my selling point. The Impala is a two-time (back to back) Super Chevy and Impalafest 'Street Class' 1st place winner. After switching to AMSOIL, I can put all of my displays on top of the motor, start the car and nothing will move.

"It is extremely comforting to know that something in this life does what it is supposed to do," Zmorzyski said. "Once again I remain grateful for meeting Bob, having him take the time to explain about the AMSOIL motor oil and to you for allowing me the opportunity to share my story."

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