AMSOIL Performance Earns Customer’s Praise
Used in Ford Windstar, Ford Powerstroke and Kawasaki KLX300

Oil change in Windstar and Powerstroke - happy camperAs synthetic motor oils have gained popularity during the last 30 years, few people dispute their ability to perform.

But Mark Austin of Richardson, Texas is convinced from his recent switch to AMSOIL motor oils that AMSOIL is the best of the best.

He’s always been a proponent of synthetics, Austin said, and has used Mobil 1 synthetic for years.

He assumed “synthetics are synthetics,” he said and thought the claims he heard about AMSOIL were exaggerations.

AMSOIL Dealer Ches Cainsold Austin on putting AMSOIL 10W-30 Motor Oil in his 2001 Ford Windstar.

“I’ve always considered AMSOIL Dealers to be abunch of zealots. Why would anybody get excited about motor oil? I get it now,” Austin said. “The Windstar quieted right down and smoothed out so much that my wife, Leslie, even noticed the change (that’s big). She pays no attention to mechanical things whatsoever and she noticed it ran quieter and smoother.

AMSOIL FOR ALL OF HIS VEHICLESMark Austin poses with his vehicles outside his home in Richardson,Texas. Austin says he’s not only an AMSOIL customer for life, he’s an AMSOIL “zealot.”

“It runs and sounds like somebody replaced the V6 with a tiny turbine engine and it picked up a little more power, too.”

About a month later, Austin put AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil in his 2002 Ford 250 Super Duty Diesel pickup with a Turbo-Charged Power Stroke V-8 engine. “I call it the monster truck,”Austin said. And he uses that truck hard. He hauls a 32-foot travel trailer, his dirt bikes and his family of four with the truck. “That truck is a real hoss,” he said.

Because it’s a diesel engine, Austin said, it’s never going to run quietly, but when he put in the AMSOIL “it immediately got quieter,” he said.

The truck gained power, as well. “It has better acceleration off the line than it had before, and better acceleration across its full range. You can really feel it in the seat of your pants,” Austin said. “And the whistle of the turbo charger? This oil shut that turbo charger up. It’s almost inaudible.”

He has a personal theory that the turbo charger is spinning so much more freely with the AMSOIL motor oil that his acceleration has improved. However, Austin admits it is simply his experience with the AMSOIL motor oils, and not the result of any scientific study.

He has, however, measured the difference in gas mileage with the huge diesel engine. Before using AMSOIL motor oil, Austin got 11 miles per gallon doing in-town driving. After he installed AMSOIL, he got 13.8 mpg. “That’s like 25 percent,” he said. “That’s a huge improvement.

I’m just thrilled, absolutely thrilled with this oil’s performance in both of these vehicles. Leslie’s van is smooth, it’s really smooth.”

Austin is an avid dirt bike rider, and the family regularly rides on camping trips. Austin put AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil in his 2002 Kawasaki KLX300 off-road dirtbike. After switching to the AMSOIL, he spent a grueling day in the blazing Texas sun.

“I have to say I am thoroughly impressed,” Austin said. “Of course, on a dirt bike, the engine is exposed so you can hear everything, and the valve train went silent.” The bike also has more power, less vibration and revs more freely, he said. “Shifting also has improved,” Austin said. “With the Mobil 1, the shifter got mushy when the engine was very hot. With the AMSOIL, the shifter remained crisp.”

He began a small Dealership recently and expects to grow a customer base simply because he tells everyone he knows how impressed he is with the AMSOIL products.

“I am a big fan,”Austin said. “I used to think you AMSOIL guys were just a bunch of zealots, and now I am one.”