AMSOIL Performance Convinces New Dealer

Trying out AMSOIL synthetics recently brought another Dealer to the growing network of AMSOIL businesses in the country.

Jeep Liberty gets increased fuel economy and powerIn September, Perry Gerstein, Kenosha, Wisonsin, bought a new 2002 Jeep Liberty with a 3.7 litre V6 engine. He’s a truck driver who was a mechanic in the past. His wife, Nancy, uses the Jeep for her daily newspaper route delivery.

“After a few months and about 9,000 miles the SUV got such bad gas mileage the engine seemed as if it would never break in, and it had so little throttle power my wife and I decided to try synthetics,” he said. “I’ve always lived by the 3,000-mile oil change and nothing was working for us with this SUV.”

Gerstein put AMSOIL Series 2000 0W-30 in the vehicle. “After three days, my wife said it was like driving a whole different car. It was running smoother and the mileage went up from 11.5 mpg to about 13.8, and was better on the highways,” Gerstein said. He also uses AMSOIL ATF and EAO oil filters. He plans to install a bypass filter or dual remote when he has the time.

He became a Dealer about six months ago.

“I love the AMSOIL synthetics so much I decided to become a Dealer. Now I tell everyone I know about AMSOIL,” Gerstein said. “AMSOIL isn’t a gimmick product. It’s a superior lubricant and I use the product in all my cars and in my 2001 Sea Ray boat. Just try the product, and it will convince you too.”