Amsoil synthetic motor oil for over 30 years

Amsoil - The first company to come out with synthetic oil for automobiles before Mobil, Royal Purple or Castrol

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10 myths of
synthetic oil

What you need to know about oil additives

Synthetic oil compared to your conventional oil

The brainwashing
of consumers

Amsoil on the dyno
compared to Mobil, Castrol, Royal Purple, Torco,
Shell and BP

409,000 miles without an oil change using Amsoil in an 18-wheeler

Bonicelli Racing of NASCAR using AMSOIL

Breaking world's records - fastest 4 cylinder using Amsoil

Big NY City taxi cab test comparing Amsoil to the conventional 3,000 mile oil change. See the surprising findings.

The dependency on foreign oil stops RIGHT HERE. Amsoil products are 100% made in the USA.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit very satisfied with the results of Amsoil in their fleet!

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Action Tree Service Inc. of Oakland County

Action Tree Service Inc, is one of the premier tree service companies in the state of Michigan and is often called upon to handle some very tough jobs. Action Tree is well equipped for routine tree care, logging, climbing, large lot clearing and emergency storm response.

All light, medium and heavy duty trucks, chippers, loaders and other equipment has been converted to AMSOIL lubricants and filtration systems. Action Tree has some of the most specialized equipment in the business, including a custom designed 80 foot in reach aerial lift bucket truck which is a 2000 model year, 4900 Series International DT466 275 H.P. diesel with an Allison New World transmission. The company also has several large swaploader diesel trucks and Ford Powerstroke Diesel trucks.

All of Action Tree's vehicles and equipment use only AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filtration systems. Every truck is equipped with AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, Dual-Gard (for large diesels) or Dual-Remote (for Ford Powerstrokes) filtration system, AMSOIL gear lube and AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Each of the large diesel trucks has 77 grease fittings and lubrication points which are all lubricated with AMSOIL GHD Heavy Duty Moly Fortified Synthetic Grease. Since switching to GHD, Action tree has drastically reduced the frequency of required greasing due to the greases superior performance, while providing much improved lubrication and protection to critical components. All chippers and stump grinders use an autolube system with AMSOIL GLA synthetic multi-purpose grease.

Owner Adam Camden states that one of the biggest improvements that they have noticed has been drastically improved cold weather starting and significantly reduced maintenance and downtime along with the security of knowing his equipment is protected with the best lubricants available anywhere.

An interesting side note is that owner Adam Camden spends a great deal of time researching, testing and going to industry trade shows seeking out the very best products and equipment. Adam states that AMSOIL is the very best there is and continuously promotes AMSOIL products to his friends and other commercial businesses he works with and proudly displays AMSOIL decals on his equipment, shop facility doors and hangs the large AMSOIL banner at the company facility. Adam is extremely pleased with the personalized service and technical support he receives from AMSOIL Dealer and Automotive/Truck Engineer Dave Mann.

Action Tree Service also distributes specialized tree tools, loaders, chippers, equipment and many other fine products.


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