Amsoil synthetic motor oil for over 30 years

Amsoil - The first company to come out with synthetic oil for automobiles before Mobil, Royal Purple or Castrol

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Amsoil vs. Mobil 1

10 myths of
synthetic oil

What you need to know about oil additives

Synthetic oil compared to your conventional oil

The brainwashing
of consumers

Amsoil on the dyno
compared to Mobil, Castrol, Royal Purple, Torco,
Shell and BP

409,000 miles without an oil change using Amsoil in an 18-wheeler

Bonicelli Racing of NASCAR using AMSOIL

Breaking world's records - fastest 4 cylinder using Amsoil

Lawn care company sees the great benefits of switching to Amsoil

Snowmobile racing in Canada sees the benefits of oil lubrication

Big NY City taxi cab test comparing Amsoil to the conventional 3,000 mile oil change. See the surprising findings.

The dependency on foreign oil stops RIGHT HERE. Amsoil products are 100% made in the USA.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit very satisfied with the results of Amsoil in their fleet!

Amsoil Corporate page


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AMSOIL Corporate offices
AMSOIL Corporate Offices in Superior, Wisconsin

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