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Travis Preston Caps DreamSeason with Championship forTeam AMSOIL
AMSOIL Rider Wins 125cc West Supercross Title

Supercross Champion wins with AmsoilTravis Preston captured the 2002 national 125 West supercross title for AMSOIL. On the victory stand andin acceptance of his title, Preston praised AMSOIL forthe company's support and superior products.

Preston's ride from unknown to superstar started with a win and was captured with a win, but the triphad its highs and lows in between. The last event of the year was in Las Vegas. With his champion ship already in hand, Preston was out to have fun.

The New York, New York Hotel boasts an impressive roller coaster. Riders are pulled high above the glitz and neon of the strip before plummeting down through a series of bone-jarring, heart-pounding turns and loops.

It's sort of like the year Team AMSOIL rider Travis Preston had. The AMA/EASports 125cc West Supercross Champion has been on his own amusement ride, but unlike patrons of the "Manhattan Express," Preston's ticket was punched for anextended ride.

Preston's trip started with a victory at Anaheim in round one. He grabbed back the 125 West points lead with a solid victory at Dallas in round 14. He captured his title, and the first championship for AMSOIL,with a steady ride and a second place finish in Salt Lake City in the last round of the series. "On behalf of Travis Preston, Factory Connection is very pleased to deliver this title to AMSOIL and the rest of the greatsponsors that make this program possible," said TeamOwner Rick Zielfelder. "With all the ups and downs we went through this season, I couldn't be happier."

Supercross Champion Travel PrestonWith a chance to step back and look at the year, the easy going Southern Californian says he was just happy to be racing. Winning a title was a surprise bonus. Preston is now the hottest commodity in racing. The media wants interviews and pictures. His fans want autographs and snapshots. With a smile and a parcel of one-liners, Preston likes to go with the flow.

Preston became the bright spot of the season. Mike LaRocco was hurt and out for the season. Australian Michael Byrne was on the mend, but when he'd compete again was unknown. However, Preston was no overnight sensation. His ascent to the top was as slow as the ratcheting up of a roller coaster car. He toiled in obscurity for years. People in motocross knew Preston had talent, but it was AMSOIL/Dr. Martens/Journeys/O'Neal/Factory Connection/Honda team owner Rick Zielfelderwho gave him a chance. Preston was the last rider named to the team that included the return of Chris Gosselaar, Byrne, and the legendLaRocco.

A championship offers prestige, but Preston will be the same guy he was 16 weeks ago and AMSOIL will continue to provide the same quality it has for nearly 30 years. But, the ride toward perfection goes on.

Travis Preston counted on the performance of AMSOIL synthetics to win his first title.




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