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Harley's Genuine Oil rates the worst in the Industry Standard 4-Ball wear test. Why would you want to keep using their oil?
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Motorcycle Oil Filter

AMSOIL Introduces New Top-of-the-line Motorcycle Filters

Motorcycle oil filtersOil is the life blood of your motorcycle engine. Your oil filtration system keeps that life blood flowing and your ride on the road. For nearly 30 years, AMSOIL, INC. has offered state-of-the-art products Dealers can sell with pride. In that time, the company’s reputation has grown, along with its product line. Now, AMSOIL has developed a full line of oil filters specifically designed for motorcycles and ATVs. The SuperDuty Motorcycle Oil Filters (SMF) reflect the newest technological advances in the quest to meet the unique demands of today’s high-stress motorcycle engines.The three main functions of any oil filter are flow, life and efficiency.

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  • Flow is the filter’s ability to let the right volume of oil reach its intended parts, with a minimum degree of restriction.
  • Life is the filter’s capacity to remain in service for a predicted amount of time.
  • Efficiency is the filter’s ability to remove contaminants that cause engine wear.

While each of those functions is vital individually, there’s more to it. “Remember, it’s more than just flow. It’s more than just efficiency. It’s more than just life,” said Dave Anderson, AMSOIL Technical Sales Director. “They all have to perform in unison. A filter is only as good as its weakest link.” Typically, oil filters are comprised of cellulose, or paper, synthetic fibers, glass fibers, or a combination of media. “All of these fibers have a different set of characteristics to them,” Anderson said.Each provides different levels of filtration of the damaging dirt and dust particles that shorten the life of a motorcycle engine.

  • Traps Dirt Throughout Media Thickness
  • Up to 100% More Capacity •Up to 20 % More Efficiency
  • Built for Rugged Performance•Heavy-duty Steel Case Withstands Extreme Conditions
  • Assures Oil Flow With Relief Valve
  • Prevents Oil Drainage During Engine Shutdown

Motorcycle oil filter - Photo courtesy of YamahaFlow is gained through a media that is open and free, while efficiency is gained through media that is closed and difficult to penetrate. The “flow versus efficiency” compromise within the filtration system is the greatest demand on an oil filter’s performance. “Through our testing, we have found the best for motorcycles, and automobiles, is a blend of the three media–synthetic, cellulose and glass,” Anderson said. “That gives the best overall performance. You have to look at overall performance. How they do all the tasks that you want them to do. A prudent consumer must consider the total package.” AMSOIL Super Duty Motorcycle Oil Filters provide the greatest possible balance of that “total package” to provide the ultimate in overall filtration performance.

Motorcycle Oil Filter Reference GuideThe filters are available in black finish, with several models also available in chrome. The chrome models have a C designation. They have a heavy-duty case of drawn steel. The case is double-crimped at the base with rolled-underseaming to withstand extreme pressure surges and road shocks. AMSOIL SMF are available in spin-on and cartridge types.The new G-194 Automotive Filter and Cross-Reference Guide lists the correct filter for each motor-cycle and ATV. A separate Motorcycle and ATV Filter Cross Reference Guide, G-1768, at $4.50 U.S., also is newly available for your convenience. These quality full-flow filters are designed to allow extended filter change intervals. AMSOIL INC. recommends the following guide-lines. When using an AMSOIL SMF with conventional oil, change the filter at the manufacturer’s recommendation. When using an AMSOIL SMF with AMSOIL Motor Oil, change the filter at twice the manufacturer’s recommendation or six months.

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