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Interested in getting big discounts on AMSOIL synthetic oil and filter products? Now you can save money and get AMSOIL at a cheaper, lower cost than the published catalog prices. Here's how you can save money and knock off about 25 to 30% off your bill.

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In about 4 to 10 days after you submit this form, you will receive your Preferred Customer number and starter kit. Once received, you can call AMSOIL at 1-800-777-7094 and place your order wholesale weekdays from 7 AM to 5 PM Central Time. Or you can go to and login to the Preferred Customer Zone to place your orders on-line after receiving your membership. Before logging in, you must wait to receive your package in the mail first.

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The information submitted on this form is totally confidential and will never be provided to any 3rd party. It is solely used for your AMSOIL Preferred Customer 6-Month trial membership. Data is never sold or rented to anyone.

Why are we offering this 6 month Trial Membership?  We believe any AMSOIL user can benefit by becoming a Preferred Customer (PC).  As a PC you can buy AMSOIL lubricants at wholesale prices (the same prices AMSOIL Dealers pay) and have AMSOIL shipped direct to your home or business.  Furthermore, when you sign up using this form, I will be assigned as your AMSOIL servicing Dealer and sponsor.  As a fulltime AMSOIL Dealer I will assist you in the proper selection of lubricants and filtration products for your application.  Thanks in advance for registering.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

If you would like the benefits of purchasing AMSOIL products at wholesale prices, AMSOIL offers a Preferred Customer Program. With this program you can enroll for $10.00 for a 6-month trial membership or $20.00 for a one year membership, which entitles you to purchase products at wholesale prices, but not participate in the business opportunity portion of AMSOIL. At any time in the future should you decide to become a Dealer you can upgrade your membership by simply filling out some paperwork and paying a nominal $10.00 upgrade fee for a one-year Dealership. You will also receive the monthly publication AMSOIL Action News magazine.

As a Preferred Customer you cannot establish retail and commercial accounts, receive commissions and bonuses and take advantages of the numerous other business opportunities available with AMSOIL. Also, as a Dealer, even if you are not actively running your Dealership as a business, you will receive a commission credit bonus check from AMSOIL (from 2% up to 25% depending on your total commission credit volume) any time your order exceeds 100 commission credits per month. As a Preferred Customer you will not receive these bonus checks. We highly recommend the Dealership option, as the cost is about the same, but the benefits are more numerous, more profitable and there is an entire world of opportunity out there with AMSOIL. Many people have found this page by typing in Amsoil Cheap if they were trying to get it for a lower price than paying full retail. This method will be cheaper than buying locally as you will be paying the identical prices that a dealer pays by using this system. Compared to what oil you are using now, since this oil lasts much longer, it will seem cheap after reducing the oil drain and getting better fuel economy.

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