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2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF motor oil
to get more miles per tank and keep
your engine running with the least
amount of downtime.

Amsoil beats the pants off of Mobil 1™ Extended

Royal Purple & Red Line Oils - Worst Cold Crank Viscosity

Does this stuff really work?

Company History

Documented testimonials

Van goes 930,599 miles on AMSOIL Motor Oil

Great oil for Camaro's

Don't use additives

NASCAR teams using our products

GEO Prizm goes 362,000 miles

Gov't testing to cut costs

800 horsepower Sprint Car

Pest Control Company Saves Money

World's Fasted 4 Cylinder World Record

Police fleet makes switch

Jeep owner sees increased MPG

VOLKSWAGEN lubrication for vehicle upkeep.

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Bobby Unser video when he won Pikes Peek

Benefits over the oil you're using now:
-NO sludge
-Increases gas mileage
-Increases horsepower
-Increases torque
-Reduced oil consumption (drastic in many cases)
-Significantly less oil changes for most people
-More miles per tank
-Stops wear and tear
-Lower emissions
-Save the planet
-Doesn't use fossil oil
-Spark plugs last longer
-Avoid future engine overhauls
-Keep your car longer
-Peace of mind
-Great for those who often neglect car maintenance
-Superior quality over what car dealers or quick lubes have to offer

Amsoil Discount Program

Facts, NOT HYPE!

See why you should be using AMSOIL instead of Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil, Pennzoil or Quaker State

Why you should be using AMSOIL instead of Mobil 1

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All products ship from the closest warehouse based on your location. Shipping times can be as fast as 1 day.

FACT: AMSOIL synthetic oils do not "burn off" like conventional petrolium motor oils do. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils retain their viscosity, providing reduced oil consumption, improved fuel economy, and better wear protection.

"I have seen an 8% increase in fuel economy in my Corvette engine powered Z28. With my driving I'm spending about $3,000 per year in fuel. An 8% savings comes out to about $240 per year. With my Amsoil oil and filter changes costing me about $55, that makes Amsoil FREE for me, plus I am profiting almost $200 from it. I really don't see how people say Amsoil is expensive. When you're being compensating by something else to offset the cost, how can this be expensive?" -Robert Riley

Greg Carroll, the creator of the super charger specified Mobil 1? as the only lubricant to use in the engine. To stress importance, he had a metal decal on top of the engine informing customers to use Mobil 1®. After Amsoil dealer, Dave Bigda, gave Greg Carroll a sample of Amsoil for testing, the metal decal came off of the engine. According to Dave, Carroll felt that AMSOIL was superior to Mobil 1® in protecting engines and drivetrain components. In other words, its the best oil he has seen.

Amsoil racing video on television.

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AMSOIL is the pioneer of synthetic oil used in cars in the US.
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Motor oil and Filters: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.9L

Suggested oil change belonging to 2004 GOLF vehicle

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Hover your mouse over any thumbnail below: With performance results like these and your current lube costing more since it has to be changed more often, it's crazy to not use AMSOIL.
Vehicle Information :
Year 2004
Model GOLF
Engine Size 1.9L
Engine # BEW
Quarts 4.8 (Engine, with filter)

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Any one of the filters below are suitable to be used in your vehicle. Pick the one that best meets your driving distance each year and match it up with the corresponding lube . If you drive 25,000 miles in one year, order multiple order MANN or WIX filters if needed to go with a 25,000 mile lubrication when not using an AMSOIL EaO 25,000 mile oil filter. Have an extra quart handy to top off when necessary.

Filter MANN Filter MANN High Quality Fuel Filter - Appropriate one will be sent based on your vehicle. WK8533x-EA
Filter air filter MANN High Quality Air Filter - Appropriate one will be sent based on your vehicle. C37153-EA
Filter Amsoil Absolute Efficiency Air Filter. Lasts up to 4 years or 100,000 miles GUARANTEED! Replace your stock air filter with the best air filter money can buy, hands down. Uses a special new NANO-TECHNOLOGY that no other filter company has! Works up to 50x better than paper filters and up to 500% better than wetted (oiled) gauze filters. Every year clean with air or a shop vac! Super convenient. Flows air like a K&N without sucking in the dirt! EAA208-EA
Filter High quality MANN oil filter. German-made filter designed for long-life usage. HU7262x-EA
  Being that an EaA air filter is available for your vehicle, we recommend ordering one. See this video:


The lubricants displayed below are the ones to be used in your VOLKSWAGEN GOLF. Out of all the lubricants that AMSOIL makes, these are the ones that meet the requirements put out by VOLKSWAGEN. Under Federal law, the use of AMSOIL products CANNOT void your manufacturer's warranty. AMSOIL products backed by a written warranty. These are all-season oils. No need to waste time performing totally unnecessary maintenance because of how hot or cold it is outside when using AMSOIL.

2004 GOLF motor oil. Either of the lubricants below are specific for this vehicle and meet manufacture's recommended lubrication specification.

Oil 505.01 specification oil. One of the best alternatives to what is available in the dealer.Amsoil European synthetic 5W-40 motor oil. Meets/exceeds rigorous VW 502.00, 505.00, 505.01, DaimlerChrysler MS-10725, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz 229.31/229.51 specifications. It is one of the only oils to be recommended in North America for latest specifications for all 3 major European automakers- Volkswagen (Audi), BMW, and Mercedes Benz and the latest North American API specs. Superior to oils at local car dealerships. Change interval: Based on Oil Life Monitor or change at mileage stated in vehicle owner's manual. Pour point: -44F. Fire point 474F. Flash point 446F. Four ball wear test ASTM D-4172: 0.44 AFLQT-EA
Wiper Trico ExactFit Windowshield Wiper Wiper Blade Rear Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T131-EA
Wiper Trico ExactFit Windowshield Wiper Wiper Blade Passenger Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T191-EA
Wiper Trico ExactFit Windowshield Wiper Wiper Blade Driver Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T211-EA
Wiper NeoForm Windshield Wiper Wiper Blade Passenger Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T16190-EA
Wiper NeoForm Windshield Wiper Wiper Blade Driver Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T16210-EA
Wiper Winter Windshield Wiper Wiper Blade Passenger Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T37205-EA
Wiper Winter Windshield Wiper Wiper Blade Driver Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T37210-EA
Wiper Winter Windshield Wiper Wiper Blade Rear Side Fits: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF T37131-EA
Flush Engine Flush used to clean out effects of ethanolAmsoil Engine Flush - suggested if you have over 10,000 miles on the engine and never used synthetic oil before. (To be used with gasoline-powered engines & small lawn equipment. Works in gas or diesel engines.) Easy to use. Just pour in with old oil, let idle around 15 minutes (do not drive!) and drain old oil and change filter as usual. FLSHCN
P.I. Injector and carburetor cleanerAmsoil P.I. Highly concentrated. Pour entire bottle in the gas tank about every 4,000 miles to clean out the fuel injection or carburetor and lines. This is really good stuff! Use in gasoline-powered engines & small lawn equipment, except Diesel). Order several bottles to keep on hand to use throughout the year. This product is superior to anything you can get mixed with your fuel from the gas station pump. The Courtesy Cab company (1st video clip on the testimonials page) uses this religiously in all of their cabs and avoids major injection cleaning from this product. APICN
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Gasoline Motorcycle Diesel
Diesel fuel additives Gasoline additives 4-stroke
European 2-Stroke Racing
Automatic Manual Racing

AMSOIL is the official motor oil of all of these companies and organizationsAmsoil is great to be used in your motor and is the official lubricant belonging to these organizations

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Advocated oil change and air filter belonging to this vehicle.
The DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) best oil change for a 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF will keep your car running at its optimum! The fuel savings, reduced down time and more miles per tank make AMSOIL well worth the switch. Double check for your VOLKSWAGEN GOLF

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