AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Makes Gold Wing ‘Purr’
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Honda Goldwing Oil Change improves idle and runs smootherAfter nearly 15 years of using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and lubricants, Ken Burkhalter, Chelsea, Michigan, still finds himself pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products.

Burkhalter said he loves AMSOIL products and uses them in “anything and every thing that comes under my control.” And that’s a lot.

Burkhalter and his wife, Nancy, ran a 200-acre farm, where they have raised and bred sheep until this year when they retired so they can travel.

The three farm tractors, ranging from a small 26 HP to a large 110 HP Massey, are equipped with AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL oil and air filters and AMSOIL SyntheticTractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil. Burkhalter also uses AMSOIL gear lubes in his vehicles.

The 2000 Honda ATV, appropriately the “Rancher”model with a 350cc engine, runs with AMSOIL 10W-40 High Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil. He bought the ATV for Nancy to run around the farm and check on the sheep. She says the fire engine red ATV with its racks makes it a perfect “lambulance” should any of the babies need rescuing, an event that hasn’t happened.

His zero-turn lawn mower, log-splitterand small engine water (pond) pump also are equipped with AMSOIL lubes and greases.

He runs AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil in his 2004 Chrysler Pacifica and 2002 Buick Rendezvous, along with the farm truck, a 1991 Dodge Dakota. The vehicles also have AMSOIL air and oil filters installed. Although he registered as a Dealer years ago, he has used the products for himself rather than selling them to others.

“While I proselytize AMSOIL products to all who will listen, I just send them to the AMSOIL website to learn more,” Burkhalter said. “I’m a great promoter, I just didn’t have the time to handle sales efforts. Now that I am retired I might rethink that.”

Although Burkhalter trusts the quality and performance of AMSOIL motor oils, lubes and filters, he has been newly-impressed with AMSOIL products in his 1999 Honda GoldWing GL1500SE. He purchased it with 15,000 miles on the engine. He put 5,000 miles onthe oil and fluids installed by the dealer he bought the bike from and then installed AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 High Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil.

“Upon riding the bike after the change I was blown away,” Burkhalter said. “Words alone cannot describe the remarkable performance change.”

He reports the engine starts easier andquieter and idles significantly faster.

“I’ll have to adjust the idle speed back down,”he said. “It runs like everything is made from silk. The engine is so quiet you can barely hear it at 70 mph, and the smooth sound it makes is so stunning, I have been driving with my radio off just to enjoy the engine purr.”

Besides the purring of the engine, Burkhalter experienced an immediate improvement in shifting ease on the GoldWing. “I thought it might be my over-fertile imagination, but looking at the shop manual closer I find that the transmission runs in the engine oil (not separate) so the extreme smoothness, ease of shifting and lack of gear gnashing can only be attributable to the use of the AMSOIL motorcycle oil.

“I’m not sure why I’m surprised, having been a satisfied user for more than a decade, but the difference in the bike was dramatic.”

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