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AMSOIL the Great Motor Oil and why you should be using it in your Saturn

Oil for Saturn Ecotec

With wear scar comparisons like this, why would you even think about using any other motor oil except Amsoil!? So many people use Mobil 1, which didn't start selling synthetic oil until YEARS after Amsoil pioneered it. My question is, WHY?! After seeing the independent wear scar tests, why on Earth would you even think about using Mobil 1? Notice how they never publicize the wear scar testing data for their oils? They do nothing but spend millions of dollars on fancy advertising. HYPE and ENDORSEMENTS DO NOT PROTECT ENGINES the way Amsoil does.

When you buy conventional oil from the local auto part store, YOU ARE SENDING MONEY OVERSEAS for the crude oil to make that oil. AMSOIL IS MADE IN THE USA and is 100% SYNTHETIC OIL. AMSOIL is not made from crude oil taken from Iraq or any other country.

I hear people say Amsoil is expensive. That is so far from the truth, that it's not even funny. How can something that lasts up to 11x longer cost more? When you sit down and do the math and figure in your time and multiple trips to the store or the local Quick Lube, Amsoil can cost about 1/6th of what you're paying now for oil changes.

With the best protection on the market, second to none, and with the extended oil drains of 1 year or 35,000 miles before you have to drain the oil, you're not saving a single dime with that cheap oil in the local auto part stores. All you're doing is further damage to your engine by using anything that produces a higher wear scar. Plus the extra fuel economy you get from switching to Amsoil will help pay for itself!

Click HERE to see a picture of what Amsoil looks like with over 6,000 miles on it taken from a 2004 Saturn Vue V6. If your oil doesn't look this clean, you REALLY need to start using Amsoil.

Using Amsoil and filters from Amsoil, doing oil changes for an entire year in a Saturn Ion or Saturn Vue is one of the easiest oil changes you can do of any car due to the new filter element and the easy access location on top of the engine. Not only is the Ecotec engine easy to maintain, once you start using Amsoil motor oil and filters for a year, you'll never want to step foot in another quick lube again! Not only is the qualify of Amsoil motor oil far superior than what you'll get at a quick lube shop, but once you add up what you're paying all year for the quick lube, you'll see that using Amsoil may end up costing you probably 1/2 or less you're paying now! And your engine will last LONGER with Amsoil and get better fuel economy! The Amsoil savings and convenience are just too much to ignore, especially with the rising cost of gas and oil changes.

After draining your used motor oil, use either the Amsoil 5W30 (Product code ASL-QT) or 0W30 (Product code SSO-QT) motor oil. The oil filter you need which is made to fit into an Ecotec 2.2 engine is the Wix 57082. (Write that # down to give to an operator to order this special filter when calling the number in the catalog or by calling right now to order on the top left of the screen.) Or click here to order now. Once you're in the store, type in "57082" to order from the shopping cart where it says "SEARCH".

Unlike conventional motor oil which has a short life span of a typical, 3,000 to 5,000 miles, Amsoil's 5W30 ASL-QT (write that # down as well) oil is guaranteed to last up to 12 months or 25,000 miles.

If you want more protection or drive farther per year, it is recommended that you use Amsoil 0W30 TSO-QT (also write down this # if you want to use this oil instead) which is guaranteed to last up to 12 months or 35,000 miles.

When your "OIL CHANGE" indicator lights up on the dash, you do not need to drain Amsoil until it has reached the end of its life span. All you need to do is swap out the 57082 filter and top off the oil with the tiny bit that you lose.

Example: if you drive 21,000 miles per year, you'd only need to use about 7 quarts of oil and 7 filters (or maybe less filters depending on your driving habits) for the entire year in a Saturn. 6 quarts to fill the crank case and about 1 oil filter every 3,000 to 7,000 miles depending on your driving habits and how often your oil change indicator comes on.

Oil changes for one year
Amsoil synthetic vs. the typical oil change method
Oil change @ Quick Lube
Conventional non-synthetic oil
Amsoil 5W30 Oil Change
100% top quality synthetic oil
3,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
6,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
9,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
12,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
15,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
18,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
21,000 Full oil change
6 quarts + filter
$26.99 Filter only + top off $8.00
  Total for year for non-synthetic oil. OUCH! $188.93* Plus 1 extra quart for top off of $6.35 $94.10*

In this example you save $94.83 using a much higher quality oil. This figure does not include the 3 to 5% in fuel economy savings. If you factor gasoline at $2.00 per gallon and your vehicle averages 30 M.P.G., 21,000 miles would require approximately 700 gallons of fuel for the year. At only 3% fuel savings, that would be about 21 gallons or $42 in fuel savings. Also not factoring in longer engine life or longer spark plug life. It does not make any sense to keep paying more money for a lesser quality oil. So why keep doing it?

And if you sign up as a preferred customer, the cost of Amsoil IS EVEN CHEAPER!!

And if you still like to keep using cheap conventional motor oil instead of Amsoil, then consider the headaches that go along with using cheap oil that turns into sludge and makes your engine run hot when the additives quickly burn up. Your engine has more friction, runs hotter and cooks the spark plugs, rubber seals and gaskets all over the place from the added heat. There's just no benefits from doing frequent oil changes with lower quality, non-synthetic oil. It makes no sense to keep using them. Conventional oil is OLD technology prior to the 1970's, so why use it? Amsoil was available with 25,000 mile oil changes back in 1972! That's over 30 years and millions of miles with tons of satisfied customers.

Ecotec 2.2 requires 6 quarts of oil to fill for 2004. 2003 models may require only 5 quarts.
*Does not include taxes or shipping on products.

Motor oil for Saturn Ion and Vue
Amsoil 0W30 Severe Service pictured above. Lasts up to 35,000 miles.

It's very easy to replace the filter on an Ecotec engine
Use 32mm socket (about $6-7 bucks from Sears)

Oil filter doesn't make too much mess when removing
Removing factory oil filter. Hardly any mess. Easy to remove. The whole process or removing and changing the filter takes an easy 2 to 3 minutes. Using Amsoil, changing the filter is all you'll have to worry about all year. No waiting in lines at the Quick lube. No more price guaging as they over charge you for the cheap oil they'll put in your car where conventional oil will easily build up sludge compared to Amsoil. Just change Amsoil only ONCE PER YEAR and only change the oil filters when the indicator on your dash tells you to (except for Saturn Vue using the SDF filter). After changing the filter, reset the dash indicator as indicated in the owner's manual.

Saturn Oil Filter from Amsoil product LF548
For Saturn Ion or Vue Ecotec 2.2 order product code 57082. Amsoil used to carry Hastings filters and now only carries Wix. Wix is the number 1 filter used in Nascar. This is why Amsoil chose to supplement their line with Wix where Amsoil filters were not available.

To buy this filter now, click the BUY NOW button seen below. When you get to the next page, type in "57082" in the search box.


2004 Saturn Vue V6 - Same engine as in Honda Passport and Acura MDX:Oil change for Saturn Vue V6

For the 2004-2005 Saturn Vue 3.5L Oil Filter use Amsoil EA15K13-EA .
Saturn Vue Oil Filter

Look for the filter on the passenger side under the vehicle. To order this SDF-13 filter and Amsoil,

Once in the store, type in: EA15K13-EA for the filter and then type in AZOQT for the oil at the search bar.

Click HERE to see a picture of my dipstick with over 6,000 miles on the oil. This is why it's so important to use Amsoil if you want your engine to last.

Oil filter is removed behind the front passenger wheel

The Amsoil EA15K13-EA oil filter is designed to last up to 1 year or 15,000 miles whichever comes first. To be used with Amsoil fully synthetic oil. It's a lot easier to use a socket as seen above similar to removing the lid on top of the Ecotec 4 cylinder engines.

To order the Amsoil 0W-30 oil and either Ea15K03 filters (for V6 Vue) or 57082 filters (for Ecotec engine) call 1-800-956-5695. Give operator client ID # 1102880.

The same synthetic motor oil that 85% of NASCAR owners put in to protect their expensive engines when racing on the track.

If you want the absolute best oil, 2nd to none, then Amsoil synthetic is what all Saturn Ion and Vue owners should be putting in their cars and SUV's. Click the Testimonies link above and read about why so many race car drivers, police departments and trucking companies are using Amsoil and see the proof of why there is no better oil, despite all of the claims that other competing oil manufacturers make and often get sued over. 30 years and millions of miles of solid proof that Amsoil is #1 and FIRST IN SYNTHETICS.

Receive a free color catalog in the mail (see below) on our products. I encourage you to study this web site thoroughly. After seeing the extensive tests using taxi cabs that was performed comparing conventional oil (what the majority of the world uses) vs. Amsoil, you COULD NOT PAY ME to put that conventional oil in any of my cars ever again.

See how Amsoil's synthetic compares to Mobil's Tri-Synthetic in the Four-Ball wear test:

See how Amsoil's 0W30 outperforms Mobil's 0W30. This is proof that Amsoil is the best synthetic oil recommended for Saturn Ion and Vue owners.

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