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From the President's Desk

Amatuzio introduced INTERCEPTOR 2-cycle oilThe other day I was reviewing the April Action News and the new G-100 product catalog included in it. The products featured in this issue were our two new motorcycle oils. Anyone reading about these outstanding new oils couldn't help be impressed by how they totally blew the competition away in head-to-head performance tests. Once again, AMSOIL outperforms the competition and puts test results that prove it right there for everyone to see.

It's also interesting that the very bike manufacturer that said not to use synthetic motor oils in their engines now sells and recommends a synthetic motor oil with their label on it. They don't make it, but they profit from it so now it's OK to use. That's very similar to how the other oil companies and automakers badmouthed synthetic motor oils until they began marketing their own synthetic oils. Are their oils as good as AMSOIL? Not when you look at the tests!

AMSOIL has a long history of making lubricants that are the very best. And the way we have shown they are the best is by testing them against the competition and publishing the results in our sales literature or right on the product labels. I don't know of any other oil company that does this like we do. But then, I don't know of any other oil company that makes products as good as we do, so they don't really have as much to toot their horn about as we do.

A couple of the many tests we believe are important when comparing motor oils are the Four-Ball Wear Test and the NOACK Volatility Test. The Four-Ball measures wear protection and the NOACK measures the volatility of an oil.

Reducing engine wear is a major function of motor oil. The better the oil protects against friction and wear, the longer the engine will perform as it was designed to, delivering maximum power and economy much better and longer than an engine with excessive wear.

Look at the Four-Ball comparison graphs in the G-100 and on many other pieces of AMSOIL literature. There are no oils that protect better than AMSOIL. None. For all the advertising glitz and eyewash these other oil companies do to sell their oils, they really have nothing to brag about. Even a big name like Mobill can't compete with AMSOIL. Our Series 2000 0W-30 beats Mobil's 5W-30 and every other oil we tested against, including some 10W-30s. When it comes to wear protection, Mobil SuperSyn 0W-30 isn't even in the same league as AMSOIL 0W-30!

Why is the volatility of an oil so important? Because a highly volatile oil will evaporate, changing its viscosity and performance characteristics. What starts out as a 5W-30 can turn into a 10W-40 or heavier when the lighter ends of the oil cook off. This creates the potential for creating sludge in an engine and definitely increases emissions. An oil with low volatility performs better and longer than highly volatile oils, keeping an engine cleaner and operating at peak efficiency.

When you talk to your customers and prospects, show them these comparisons. While the major oil companies use gimmicks and glitzy TV commercials, AMSOIL spends its money producing superior lubricants. They come up with special "start up" oils, or oils that have "heat activated" wear protection additives. Sounds like a deodorant commercial I saw recently.

When it comes to start up protection, no oil protects better than AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils. And when the operating temperatures start climbing, you want an oil with the lowest volatility, period. That will be the oil that will continue to protect when the others start cooking.

I can't imagine anyone who, when given the facts, would choose any other motor oil than an AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil. Giving people the facts is your job. That's why we develop these superior oils. That's why we test them against all others, and that's why we publish the results. Because we want you to have the tools to help your customers decide.

It doesn't do any good for us to provide all this information unless you use it to sell your products and build your business. You don't have to exaggerate. You don't have to embellish the facts. All the tests we publish are genuine. Like I've always said, "We couldn't put it on the label if it wasn't true! That's not marketing jiberish. It's a fact.

    Al Amatuzio, President and CEO of Amsoil
A.J. "Al" Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL, INC.

Amatuzio introduced INTERCEPTOR 2-cycle oil
AMSOIL Corporate Offices in Superior, Wisconsin

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