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My 2001 Z28 Modifications
Approximate cost
My Recommendation
Anti-Photo for license plate $45 Pro: Stops people at car shows from getting your license plate # when they happen to be snapping pictures of cars. Does it work? You tell me. See a picture of my car in this picture with the Anti-Photo device installed. This is TOTALLY UNEDITED! Ever pay a toll booth and you still got a ticket in the mail? Put an end to that crap real fast.
Con: Some cops may give you a hard time. When I was in Chicago, they told me it was legal as long as it didn't have a dark tint.
C.A.G.S. (skip shift) Eliminator $15-30 Pro: Stops that annoying time where you have to shift from 1st to 4th gear. In some situations this can be dangerous when pulling into traffic. I almost got T-boned one day because it wouldn't let let put it into 2nd gear and I couldn't get out of the way of oncoming traffic. To me, this seems more of a liability than a benefit from GM.
Con: None that I can think of. If you want to save fuel economy, stop doing wide open throttle hole shots and don't put lower gears in your differential.
Throttle Body bypass kit $19 Pro: Stops hot water from heating up the throttle body. Lets cooler air get into intake. The throttle body was significantly cooler in my test! This is the one made for the LS1 engine, same as Corvette.
Con: Possible rougher idle in colder climates. I'm in Florida, so it's perfect for me. On the LS1 engine, the hose gets awful close to the pulley and belt once the bypass is installed making it easy for it to rub against the belt.
Hotchkis Strut tower brace $235.00 Pro: Better handling in turns. Looks cool under the hood. This thing was SUPER easy to install.
Con: Sometimes you may have to remove it for certain car maintenance, but it's not bad.
Random Technology stainless steel cat-back exhaust $379

Pro: More horsepower. Better sound. Better fuel economy. Not too loud to attract the cops. Flows as if you have no muffler at all. Doesn't rust the way the factory one did. I paid $550 for this. The price has dropped substantially since I first bought mine!
Con: Takes some time to install.

Hypertech Power Programmer III $339

Pro: Adjust PCM to calibrate speedometer for 4.10 gears also different tire heights. I recommend the 160 degree Powerstat to go with this programmer.
Con: For the high cost on this, it would be nice if it had more features to adjust such as headers, cam, heads, etc. Currently you have to pay even more on top of this for customization!
If you bring your car in for service, it could void your warranty if you don't put it back to stock first.
If you unplug the unit in the middle of programming your PCM, you could do permanent damage and your car WILL NOT START. Be very careful when using this device.

Hypertech 160 degree Power Stat
(To be used in conjunction with the above programmer)
$46 Pro: Keeps engine cooler to prevent pinging/detonation - i.e. prevent engine damage. When the engine doesn't ping, it's putting out as much power as it can. I paid $55 for mine. Price has come down a little bit. This is the one that fits the 1998-2002 LS1 engine!
I've heard people say that 160 degrees is too cool to run the engine. I've done this mod in my last four Z28's and never had any problems. Hypertech recommends using it when you install the Hypertech Power tuning. My engine pinged before installing the thermostat. So it did help me.
Motive 4.10 gears $250 Pro: High increase in fun factor for jack rabbit starts. Biggest seat of the pants difference.
Con: You may hear noticeable gear whine from it at certain speeds. At 60-65 MPH, I hear a loud noise similar to driving in reverse at a high speed. May decrease fuel economy. If I had to do it over again, I would go with 3.73 gears next time.
MTI clear lid $109

Pro: More horsepower at wide open throttle/better flowing. Looks cool. Enables you to see if there is any debris inside.
Con: Plastic construction is very easy to break.

K&N air filter $55

Pro: Higher flowing/last lifetime of car.
Con: Higher cost. Haven't seen much proof that it works better than a factory paper filter.

Don't recommend it now that I've found out that Amsoil has a Two-Stage filter which flows the same as the K&N but without letting all the dirt go through.

Mac Trans Axle cover $119 Pro: Has added fill and drain plugs for easy oil changes in trans axle . Has extra reinforcement for the 4 bolts that hold the carrier in. You can change your gear oil every 7,500 miles very easily using Amsoil 75-90W gear oil. Amsoil is really good stuff and I recommend using it.
Con: The Panhard rod has to be moved out of the way to gain access when removing one the plugs.
Panhard rod (non-adjustable) $169 Pro: Reduce fishtailing when changing gears at very high RPM's (like when you bark the tires in 2nd or 3rd gear). Cheap mod and didn't take long to put in!
Con: May take 2 people to install, but I did it myself. Little tricky.
Global West sub frame connectors Part #905 for '93-'02 non-convertible. $188 Pro: Reduce/eliminate flex of entire body of car. This should be one of the very first modifications that you do to ANY 4th generation F-body that has T-tops! EVEN V6 cars!!
Con: A little bit of added weight to car.
Random Technology lower control arms $149 Pro: Reduce/eliminate wheel hop on jack rabbit starts. Lower 60 foot times at 1/4 mile. Exceptional build quality!
Other than slightly heavier than stock LCA's, I can't think of any con.
Random Technology torque arm $305 Pro: Faster 60 foot times. Exceptional build quality! I paid $349 for mine. They have dropped the price since then!
Con: Very small amount of drive-train noise (clunking) when going back and forth in reverse. I heard no other noticable noise when driving as other people have using other torque arms. It has been quiet as they have advertised. To me it pretty much sounded just as quiet as the stock one.
1LE sway bars, polyeurothane bushings and end-links $318 Pro: Much better handling. Faster/safer cornering. Con: Doesn't look anywhere near as nice as the Hotchkiss sway bars, but does a similar job for a much lower price. The place I bought mine from is out of business. The link for this one has a superior quality to what I was using.
Fast Toys Ram Air  $169.99

Pro: Works much better than the ram air that comes on a stock SS or Trans Am. This is a MUST-HAVE if you want more power at top end. It's been improved for 2002! This is a great unit to complement the MTI lid.
Con: Not recommended if you drive on dirt roads frequently. Easily sucks up dirt and debris. It slightly blocks the air passage way for the radiator. Since it does this, if you live in hot climates such as Florida, Texas, Arizona or California, I recommend installing a Hypertech 160 or 180 degee thermostat to keep the engine a little cooler. I would not install a 160 or 180 degree thermostat without using a Hypertech Power Programmer. The Hypertech will allow the PCM to know when the engine is running a regular operating temperature so it won't keep running FULL RICH.

ASP Underdrive Power Pulley's $209 Pro: Let's the engine spool up power faster by reducing drag. Faster ET on the quarter mile.This lowers the RPM's on your alternator and accessories a little bit.
Con: I do not recommended if you have an upgraded car stereo. At night when I'm in traffic and have the A/C turned on, the battery level on my dash stays in the red zone when at idle.
Nitto Drag Radials since Goodyear Eagle GS-C's get nothing but wheel spin when you have 4.10 gears installed. You can no longer floor-board it in 1st or 2nd or 3rd gear without going sideways all over the road.
With the above mods, I recently took a long road trip. I drove 333.3 miles on 11.83 gallons of gas. That yielded 28.174 MILES PER GALLON. Initially the 4.10 gears lowered my fuel economy, but when I installed the ASP power pulley set and the Fast Toys ram air, my fuel economy went back to factory. The ram air is a nice add-on as long you don't drive down many dirt roads. I checked out the filter and often saw lots of sand and dirt. It amazes me that I can have a car like this with all of these mods and get this kind of fuel economy. If I left the factory 3.42 gears in, I could be getting over 30 MPG.

All I can say is that this is the best radar detector I've ever owned. I've owned about 6 other brands and this has been the best one so far. It's the first one that I've ever owned that picks up police radar LONG BEFORE I SEE THE COP! This thing pays for itself 3x-5x per week.

Unlike most every radar detectors on the market, this one allows you to DISABLE X BAND! X Band is what causes a ton of falses. Read some of the Report #3 to see how you can turn it off. This is why I wouldn't even think about buying one of those Escort Passport 8500 radar detectors. The V1 is VERY flexible in custom programming.

Read the comparisons on the V1

I have experienced the detector going off for X Band for an unmarked cop in Tennessee once. He followed me for several miles, passed me, then got ahead of me and exited. The V1 tracked him the entire time.

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